Pak’s ISI hatches new hit-and-run terror plot for Kashmir


With Indian armed forces eliminating terrorists in large numbers in Kashmir, Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) has come up with a new game-plan. The ISI has instructed the terrorists operating in the Valley to change their strategy. These terrorists have been asked to follow the ‘hit and run’ strategy so that their loss can be reduced.

Pakistan’s intelligence agency has asked Lashkare-Taiba (LeT) to lead the other smaller terrorist outfits with this new strategy of attack. The terrorists have been instructed to attack the Indian security forces at a time when they are busy in deployment.

According to Indian intelligence agencies, attacks according to this changed strategy can be carried out by terrorists on security forces in the coming days.

At the same time, ISI has asked terrorists to whip up religious sentiments and communal passion in Kashmir. As part of this, the terrorists are plotting to target minorities and religious places. The central intelligence agencies have issued an alert in view of this latest intel input.

After this alert, the administration has started to tighten the security to protect the religious places and shrines across the Valley. Forces are put on alert to thwart any bid by terrorists to attack religions places.

 A top MHA official told The Daily Guardian that the root cause behind the change in strategy of ISI is the killing of 150 terrorists this year including many commanders. Another reason is that the terrorist organisations have also failed to recruit youths at local level to meet the shortage resulting from killing of terrorists in large numbers. The strength of the terrorist outfits is dwindling as a result of Indian forces wiping them out frequently. There is frustration in terrorist camps because of both these reasons.

At the instructions of ISI, attacks are being carried out unitedly in Kashmir so that the remaining terrorists can be saved. According to sources, work has been started at the level of top commanders sitting in Pakistan. The Pakistan agency is keen that commanders are sent across the border as soon as possible as there is a massive shortage of terrorists at the level of commanders. There has been no infiltration from across the border over the past several days, resulting in shortage of commanders.

In another significant change in the fighting strategy, the terrorists have been given body cameras for recording the attacks. This was revealed when a video was released by TRF.

This was revealed during a video released by TRF. They also released some photos of the attack at Cree Pattan in Baramulla district. According to IB sources, now the terrorists of Jaish-e-Mohammad, Lashkar and Al-Badr are working together and all have been given body cameras so that they can record the attack.

An intelligence agency official told The Daily Guardian that the terrorists wanted to spread terror again by releasing video of the attack. But Indian security forces will not let their nefarious plans succeed. In the last seven months, 26 top commanders of various outfits were killed. More than 150 terrorists have been killed. As per the Intel report, about 195 terrorists are present in the Valley.