Two Pakistani army men rape girl at gunpoint in Islamabad

In a shocking incident, two Pakistani army men allegedly raped a young woman at gunpoint in Islamabad’s famous Fatima Jinnah Park. The bizarre incident took place while the two army men approached the victim while she was with her male colleague, police said on Saturday.

The two armed men forcibly took the girl and her colleague to a nearby bush and then physically assaulted the woman. The woman begged her to let her go and even offered money, but the culprits did not listen and raped the woman. When the victim tried to raise her voice, the attackers severely beat her and threatened to call more friends. The victim wanted to flee from the spot, but her attempt proved futile.

The two armed men returned all the belongings of the woman and her colleagues after raping her. They also offered a thousand rupees to shut their mouths and not reveal the story.

The dreadful incident hit the entire nation, and the activists are demanding action against the accused and quick justice for the victims.

People have taken to twitter and condemned the heinous crime committed by the two Pakistani army men. One of the users said that the culprits responsible for the crime should be arrested immediately and provide justice for the victims.

Violence against women in Pakistan has become a common feature. Women in this country face several kinds of threats, such as domestic violence, rape, public harassment, and so on. Therefore, Pakistan is regarded as the sixth-most dangerous country for women to live in.

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