Pakistan using US missiles to target civilians along LOC to sneak in jihadis

Photos accessed by The Daily Guardian show Islamabad’s desperate attempt to target civilian areas using TOW missiles.

The Pakistan military is using every possible means to divert the attention of the Indian Army from the Line of Control (LoC) so as to sneak in trained terrorists from jihadi launchpads into Jammu & Kashmir. Photos accessed by The Daily Guardian show Pakistan’s desperate attempt to target civilian areas using US-manufactured TOW missiles as one of the methods.

TOW missiles were used by the Pakistan Army to target civilian areas as well as Indian Army posts in the Poonch sector along the LoC over the last 24 hours. “This is an anti-tank guided missile procured by Pakistan from the United States for self-defence but is now being used to target civilians,” said Major General G.D. Bakshi (Retd).

Sources told The Daily Guardian that the Pakistan government, in 2006, requested a possible sale of 2,769 Radio Frequency (RF) TOW 2A Missiles, 7 RF TOW 2A Fly-to-buy Missiles, 415 RF Bunker Buster Missiles, 7 RF Flyto-buy Bunker Buster Missiles, upgrade of 121 TOW Basic/TOWI launchers to fire TOW II configuration for wire-guided and wireless missiles, TOW Data Acquisition Systems, gunner aiming sight, testers, cameras, spare and repair parts, technical support, support equipment, personnel training and training equipment, technical data and publications, US government and contractor engineering and logistics support services and other related elements of logistics support.

Pakistan has violated the ceasefire four times in different sectors along the LoC in Jammu. It has been violating the ceasefire along the LoC and is targeting the Indian Army positions and civilian areas since the abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. Days ago, J&K Home Department had issued an advisory stating that Pakistan-backed terrorists could try to vitiate the peace process in the newly-carved Union Territory by pushing in trained terrorists.

The order issued by the Home Department of Jammu and Kashmir reads that with the onset of summer and melting snow, terrorists can try to infiltrate into the Indian territory with larger force and can use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls to connect with their handlers across the borders.