Pakistan Peoples Party demands to hold election within 90 days


The Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) on Saturday demanded to conduct the next general elections within 90 days, reported Dawn. During the meeting of the Council of Common Interest (CCI), PPP supported the approval of the Digital Census, due to which it is almost impossible for the Election Commission to hold elections on time. They demanded that a fresh delimitation process under the new census should be completed within 60 days so that the elections could be held within the 90-day time frame.
Senator Nisar Khuhro, PPP Sindh President, said, “If the digital census can be completed within a month, why can’t fresh delimitation be held within 60 days.”
During a press conference at Peoples Secretariat, PPP Provincial Secretary General Senator Waqar Mehdi said, “There’s no reason to delay the polls and the PPP is very clear about this. The polls must be held within 90 days.” He said that it was the primary job of the caretaker set-up and the Election Commission of Pakistan and they hope that they would do their constitutional duty, according to Dawn.Moreover, Senator Khuhro added that the anti-PPP forces never succeeded in defeating the party through ballot and democratic process. “The PPP rule in the province has strengthened democracy and provincial autonomy which has only weakened these anti-democratic forces,” he said. This demand by PPP came a day after Balochistan Awami Party Senator Anwaarul Haq Kakar was named as Pakistan’s interim Prime Minister. Kakar’s appointment as Pakistan caretaker PM came after Pakistan PM Shehbaz Sharif and Raja Riaz concluded their consultations, according to Dawn. The announcement regarding Pakistan’s caretaker PM was made three days after the dissolution of the National Assembly on August 9.
The Pakistan National Assembly was dissolved three days before its mandated period, following which elections are to be held within 90 days, according to Dawn. However, a delay in the elections has become almost certain as the results of the 2023 digital census have been given approval as a fresh limitation, which might take months.

Political experts suggest that the PML-N’s desire to delay elections aims to gather more support for their party and allies, potentially shifting voters’ preferences away from Imran Khan. Despite ousting Khan through a no-confidence motion, the Sharif government faces resistance from many voters. Nawaz Sharif is tainted by corruption allegations, while Asif Ali Zardari’s PPP lacks popularity. Meanwhile, Imran Khan’s appeal has risen since his removal from office.