Pakistan: One killed in attack on police station in Waziristan

As crime is continuously increasing in Pakistan, a police official was killed in a terrorist attack on Friday night at a police station in the tribal district of South Waziristan.

The attack took place in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province’s South Waziristan district’s Azam Warsak neighbourhood. Police officials said that the assailants fired rockets at the police station close to the Afghan border, killing an on-duty officer named Moharrar (investigating officer) Fazal Malik.

Notably, it was the third assault on the police station in Pakistan’s Azam Warsak neighbourhood, close to the town of Wana.
A police officer was shot and murdered on Saturday in the Muftiabad neighbourhood of Tarangzai in the Charsadda district by unidentified armed persons riding a motorcycle.
Bilal, a constable assigned to the Munda Headworks Police Post in Tangi, was named as the victim. He was ambushed by armed individuals while travelling to the Charsadda electoral commission office, where he eventually passed away from his wounds.

After the attack, the attackers escaped the area. There is an investigation going on.
In the North Waziristan tribal territory, clashes between security personnel and alleged militants have increased recently. There have been numerous reports of bomb attacks and firings in Pakistan in recent months. Numerous Pakistani soldiers have been killed as a result of the heightened terror actions in the border regions with Pakistan, particularly in the North Waziristan province.
These jihadists reportedly have bases in Afghanistan. After attacking the former, they retire to their bases in Afghanistan after crossing into Pakistan.

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