Pakistan army using Chinese drones to crush rebellion in Balochistan: Report

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The Pakistani army is using Chinese-origin combat CH-4B drones to crush the rebellion in Balochistan.
While the Pakistani Army has used fighter jets and armed helicopters against Baloch rebels for several years, the use of combat UAVs is new and is continuously increasing, reported The Eurasian Times. Earlier this month, Pakistan allegedly conducted a massive military offensive against Baloch rebels in the Bolan region by deploying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), fighter jets, and Gunship helicopters, along with SSG Commandos, according to Balochistan Post-English. According to reports, the Pakistani Army deployed jets against Baloch nationalists in the highlands of Bolan in Balochistan.
Pakistani military operations were resisted by the Baloch militias, which, in turn, killed two SSG Commandos; however, the use of combat UAVs is new and is continuously increasing. The Balochistan Post-English tweeted that China and Turkey have supplied models of combat UAVs to Pakistan.

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