Pak-funded mosques, guesthouses emerge along India-Nepal border

Intelligence agencies say that a two-storey guesthouse has been built on the other side of Nepal’s border with Bihar to shelter jihadis. Mosques and madrasas are also getting foreign funds in border districts to push and promote anti-India activities.

According to a report, a large number of mosques and guesthouses have emerged in the area along the border of Nepal bordering Bihar, and are receiving funds from Daawat-e-Islamia (DeL) of Pakistan. 

A report prepared by Indian security agencies has revealed radical activities along the India-Nepal border. Sources said that Pakistan-backed modules in Nepal living in these border districts provide shelter to terrorists wishing to target India. 

According to intelligence agencies, a two-storey guesthouse has recently been constructed on the India-Nepal border, where the “guests” of Dawat-e-Islamia (DeL) are accommodated. People from Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries are held there. 

It has also been revealed in the intelligence report that the cost of this construction done by DeL is Rs 1.25 crore. They have received funds from DeL branches of Pakistan.

 Jihadi groups are mostly raising funds from groups based in Pakistan. According to the agency, mosques and madrasas receiving foreign funding in Nepal’s border districts such as Rauthat, Parsa, Kapilvastu, Sunsari and Bara remain centres of anti-India activities.

 The terrorist outfits are trying to make Lashkar-e-Taiba a base in Gorakhpur and Faizabad in Uttar Pradesh to target Indian areas along the Nepal border.

 Pakistan-backed modules located in these border districts in Nepal give shelter to terrorists involved in antiIndia activities. The increase in Islamic activities along the India-Nepal border is a matter of grave concern for the security forces. LeT operative Muhammad Omar has been entrusted with the responsibility of expanding the network in the region. For similar activities, Omar has also been sent to Kolkata in West Bengal and Darbhanga in Bihar on several occasions before. 

According to a senior officer associated with the intelligence agency, the funding for madrasas and mosques in the border area through the radical groups of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal has been a concern for Indian security agencies.