The Pakistani intelligence agency and the military, furious after the successful completion of the DDC polls, are plotting a BAT attack, besides trying to push terrorists into the Valley under the frigid, foggy winter cover.

New Delhi: Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI and its Army are furious about the successful completion of the DDC elections in Jammu and Kashmir. Therefore, Indian security agencies have sent an alert to their paramilitary forces manning the Line of Control (LoC) about a possible BAT attack and terrorists from across the border plotting to infiltrate the Indian border.

Pakistan has been planning an attack against India in recent years. Now, as soon as winters are over in the Kashmir Valley, it is preparing to enact its nefarious plans. The neighbouring country is planning to send terrorists across the Indian border this season. To thwart this nefarious plot of Pakistan, the Indian Army and BSF have also tightened up and increased surveillance on the border. 

Both the terrorist groups and SSG are engaged in trying to enforce BAT action against the Indian security forces. The group has been sitting on the Leepa launch pad continuously since 11 December, but due to bad weather and snowfall they have so far failed to attack the Indian security forces.

Infiltration across the border is often done under the protection of unprovoked firing by Pakistan; due to this BSF is also keeping a full vigil on the border. Security agencies are continuously working in coordination ever since the latest input.

A senior officer associated with an intelligence agency told The Daily Guardian that BSF and Army personnel are not only keeping an eye on everything in Pakistan, but also keeping an eye on areas along the border. Indian soldiers try their best not to let any Pakistani intruder enter the border under the cover of dark night, adverse weather or fog.

According to intelligence agencies’ report, about 45 terrorists from Naussera sector, around 70 terrorists from Karen Sector, 20 Jaish terrorists in Tangdhar’s launching pad, 30 terrorists in Poonch’s launching pad, nearly 28 terrorists near Krishna Valley, about 45 terrorists in the camp in front of Bhimbar Gali and about 14 terrorists across the Rajouri post office, are constantly trying to enter India. Indian intelligence agencies have reports of hiding terrorists at these seven bases.

According to the security agencies, in this cold weather, Pakistan is in the position where infiltrating terrorists can use the natural support from the changing weather on the border. Actually, at this time, the days are short and the night falls quickly, which benefits the terrorists trying to infiltrate. Also, with fogs around, they get an added advantage vis-à-vis India’s security forces. The BSF and Army, therefore, have made extra preparations so that these intruders are not allowed to enter the Indian border under any circumstances.