We Indians seem to thrive on “Chalta Hain “attitude which is often synonymous to just “Being Lazy” …
One Japanese, made an interesting observation on Indian life which I am sharing here, He said Indians never respect time, they always come and go as and when they please. If their office begins at 9 am they will be seen coming in around 10 am and have their morning break of tea and snacks around 11am and by the time they settle down to work its lunch time followed by gossip and nap time…which is the result of them thriving on over time.
Our system has become so corrupt that when we are asked for a bribe- be it for school, college, institute admissions, official file to be passed over, light, water gas connections etc we see it as normal, when we see political scams, money laundering, bandhs, rapes, violence we turn a blind eye, don’t ask questions and simply walk away saying” Chalta Hain”
Step out in the streets of our cities and you will be welcomed with streets full of trash, garbage, paan spits and someone or the other is constantly throwing garbage, or spitting and when one tries to stop them it usually ends up in argument and fights. We teach our children to lie, cheat and come first by hook or crook. Why do we tend to oversee & abuse the word “Settled” once we are married or have a good job??resulting to an end to conventional aspirations with the result we grow into a sack of obesity and repeat the same routine every day of our lives for the next few generations thus ending up being lazy and happy with a “Chalta Hain Attitude”
Is this the India we want our children and young to inherit??? It’s a very simple question and the answer lies within each one of us. No amount of debating, arguing will do any good, we have to stop & think at least once in a while…

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