Opposition takes on Centre over inflation

Major opposition parties protested outside the House near Gandhi statue raising slogans against GST and price hike.

As expected, the second day of the Monsoon session was washed out as opposition attacked the government in and out on Inflation and GST hike issue. Both Lok Sabha and the Upper House were first adjourned and later for the day, as the opposition kept asking the chair to accept the adjournment on price hike and GST, since house was not in order and the chair had to adjourn the house . Opposition parties like Congress, AAP, Shiv Sena and NCP today protested outside House near Gandhi statue raising slogans against GST hike and holding placard mentioning price hike. Rahul Gandhi along with senior congress leaders too joined the protest.

Leaders of opposition parties before the Gandhi Statue protesting against price hike.

In a Facebook post today, Rahul Gandhi called the Central Government “vasooli sarkar’ (the one who makes enough for sustainance without caring about others) and wrote, “Apki baar, ‘vasooli’ sarkar? From now on, 5 % GST will be charged from the public on packaged products like milk, curd, butter, rice, pulses, and bread. “

Speaking to TDGR, senior congress leader and member of Rajya Sabha Pramod Tiwari said that government has already sold everything to private people and now this hike in GST in unacceptable. He added that it has to be taken back. Senior parliamentarian Prof Ramgopal Yada, who is also MP, from Samajwadi party, said that we will keep on agitating and protesting till the hike made in GST is taken back.