Operation Kaveri: Private airlines may start evacuating Indians from Jeddah

Under the ‘Operation Kaveri’ from conflict – ridden Sudan, indian citizens are being evacuated in several batches by Indian Navy and Indian Airforce aircraft.

Now, Private airlines in India  expressing their willingness to run evacuation charter flights from India to Jeddah. The government has received an offer from Indigo, a low-cost airline in India, to assist with Operation Kaveri’s evacuation efforts.

“We have offered our services for charter flights to Jeddah under the Indian Government’s Operation Kaveri rescue mission of our citizens from Sudan,” an IndiGo official said.
“We are still awaiting details from the ministry to launch these flights, nothing has been confirmed as of yet,” further airlines company added.

Asked whether Air India (AI) is operating a flight to evacuate Indians under Operation Kaveri. A senior AI official, “The AI is very capable of doing evacuation drills. However, no such request has been received so far.”

A number of estimated 300-500 Indian citizens have been evacuated by ship and other evacuation processes are going on.Earlier, Abdalla Omer Bashir Elhusain, Ambassador of Sudan to India , “The evacuation process is a very sensitive process given to the political situation, due to the violation of the ceasefire.

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