ON MOVING BUS, Woman conductor helps passenger in delivery


A woman gave birth to a baby on a moving bus with the assistance of a woman conductor of Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) on the Bangalore-Chikmagalur route, says KSRTC.

The incident occurred on Monday, and both the mother and the infant are doing well. On Tuesday, near Udayapura Agriculture College, the pregnant woman began experiencing labour pains. The woman conductor, identified as S. Vasanthamm, asked the driver to stop the bus and asked the passengers to deboard. She helped the woman deliver the baby on the bus.

Further, since the lady was financially weak, the crew of the bus collected Rs 1,500 from the passengers and handed over the same for the lady’s emergency expenses. Later, the lady was shifted to Shanthagrama Hospital by ambulance and received the necessary treatment. G.Sathyvathi, IAS Managing Director, Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC), also appreciated the timely intervention of the woman conductor.

“The timely humanitarian service of a woman conductor in responding to the needs of the pregnant and saving the lives of the child and mother is highly appreciable. This exemplary service by the woman conductor is appreciated,” G. Satyvathi said.