Odisha: Man arrested for murdering girlfriend, burning her body before dumping in forest

The Chhattisgarh Police detained a man in a case that uncannily resembled Shraddha Walkar’s murder. A man was accused of killing his girlfriend, burning her alive, and dumping her body in a forest. According to the Odisha Police, the man admitted to killing his girlfriend because she was allegedly having an affair.

In an effort to hide the evidence, he set her body on fire. The incident was discovered after the family of the deceased woman reported her missing to Raipur’s Pandri Police Station.

The man has been identified as Sachin Agarwal, a local of Balangir in the state of Odisha. He was detained by the Odisha Police, who would file a zero FIR before turning him over to the Chhattisgarh Police in Raipur. According to the police, upon being questioned, Sachin admitted to killing his girlfriend.

According to what Sachin told the police, he killed his partner because he thought she was having an affair with another man. He claimed that on November 21, he drove the woman from Raipur to Balangir. He acknowledged shooting her first, then transporting her body to a forest 200 kilometres away, dousing it in gasoline, and setting it on fire.

Following a complaint from the relatives of the murder victim, the Chhattisgarh Police alerted the Odisha Police. After that, a partially burned body was found in a wooded area. It was said that after scanning the deceased’s photograph, family members were able to identify her.

Additionally, family members claimed that Sachin had contact with the victim’s family in order to deceive them and give them the impression that the woman was still alive.

He also advised the family of the deceased woman not to try to find them “because it’s not possible” during the conversation.

Tanu Kurre, the murder victim, was a citizen of Chhattisgarh’s Korba district.

Chhattisgarh Police said that Sachin had been changing his location incessantly after the crime was carried out.

“My police received information about a body being found in a forest in Balangir district’s Purekala police station area. After this, when it was confirmed to be the said woman, The accused was repeatedly changing his location. On the basis of this, the police made the arrest.

Meanwhile, SSP Prashant Agarwal said that the woman used to work in the sales team at a private bank in Raipur. Her relatives had filed a missing person’s report. The woman was from Korba, and had been working at a bank in Raipur for some years. Our police succeeded in locating the murderer.”

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