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Not just the Window dressing


5:14 am IST


Known to craft luxury windows and soft furnishing, Window Passions, in these trying times of lockdown present a very innovative series of craft yourself embroidered accents that can transform existing drapes, curtains and soft furnishings in a jiffy. They present a range of very dramatic embroidered, embellished, beaded and gold foiled borders that you can add to your existing furnishings and transform it in an instant.

Says Rajeev Kanwar, who started Window Passions with his wife Amita: “Our homes are under lockdown. We have been seeing the same furniture for 24 hours for more than 65 days. With these borders and tassels, you can simply liven up the same old pieces. It’s like new wine in old bottle.” Adds Amita Kanwar, “It was while embroidering them on large textiles that I realised that even as borders the luxe appeal of the embroidery will remain, making the shining of your home such an easy task.”

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