No question of rolling back farm laws: MoS Home Kishan Reddy


Hyderabad: As farmers’ protests are intensifying in north India, BJP leaders have decided to bring the “facts” before people. G. Kishan Reddy, MoS Home, said that some people are spreading propaganda against the Modi government without even reading the laws, and termed the protests abroad as “motivated with ill intention”.

He said, “Why do they protest in the US or UK or somewhere else? What are their interests there? They are motivated by some selfish interests. We have made laws to benefit the farmers. We want their income doubled; there is no question of removing MSP. There has been no MSP for 70 years, but we want to guarantee the MSP. As son of a farmer, I can understand their problems. Now the farmers are free to sell their produce anywhere in the country and there are no travel restrictions.”

He further added that the BJP has come to power with a huge mandate from farmers and the bills are beneficial to them. “Agriculture must be profitable since 60-70% of the people depend on it and it’s going to be a big booster for the country’s economy as the government wants to double the income of farmers. The laws are essential,’ he said. Reddy added that there is no question of rolling back the laws under any circumstances, but amendments are required on the request of “real farmers”.

Kishan Reddy said that the Congress had mentioned in its manifesto about similar farm laws; now, with selfish motives, it has taken a U-turn. He said that except in Punjab, all farmers are welcoming the laws and added: “We have launched kisan trains. vegetables from Andhra and Telangana go in those trains to Delhi. Take for example tomatoes in Madanapalli of Andhra are sold one or two rupees per kilo and many farmers throw them on roads. Now they can send to Delhi in kishan trains. The mandi lobby in Punjab is agitating against the laws. Still, we will negotiate with them. We encourage the mandis and market yards, but the farmers should be given the chance to sell their produce wherever they have good price.”

On house protest of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Reddy said: “So many are protesting and Delhi CM also has the right to protest. Let him do.”

On all opposition political parties opposing the Central government and participating in the protests called by the farmers, Reddy urged the farmers that they should discuss their issues with the government, as it is ready to talk over the three farm laws. Advising Rahul Gandhi to stay away from the farmers’ stir as he has been conspicuously absent from making an appearance at any of the protest sites, he said: “Rahul Gandhi neither understands farmers’ problems nor can address them.”

Reddy criticised the Congress for ignoring farmers’ issues during its seven-decade in power, and accused the party for the deaths of thousands of farmers who committed suicide due to various issues.

He refused to respond on the meeting between PM Narendra Modi and Telangana CM KCR. He denied the news that there is going to be a “dawn of friendship” between BJP and TRS by saying the BJP is going to form government in Telangana after the Assembly polls in 2023.