No prejudice in re-polling, Delhi Mayor Obroi tells HC


New Delhi: Mayor Shelly Oberoi on Friday asserted no prejudice will be caused if re-polling is held for choosing the six members of the MCD standing committee, as the Delhi High Court reserved its verdict on BJP councillors’ challenge to the re-election.
The High Court had on 25 February stayed the re-election on the petitions filed by BJP councilors’ Kamaljeet Sehrawat and Shikha Roy.
While the senior lawyers for the petitioners had earlier contended the Mayor, who is also the returning officer, acted in a malafide manner when she called for re-election upon finding the election results “politically unpalatable”, senior counsel representing Oberoi Friday underscored that the re-polling was essential to ensure free and fair elections following the “ruckus” in the House during the polls held on 24 February.
There is no prejudice in re-polling. Please test if it will cause prejudice to them (petitioners). They say the ballot is going to BJP, then this will again happen.