No nation can eradicate terrorism by itself: Home Minister Amit Shah.


Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday urged international cooperation to combat the threat of terrorism, claiming that no nation, no matter how strong, can do so on its own.

Speaking at the concluding session of the 3rd ‘No Money for Terror’ Ministerial Conference on Counter-Terrorism Financing, Shah said, “I believe that terrorism stands in the way of democracy, human rights, economic development, and world peace.” “No matter how powerful a country or organisation is, it cannot defeat the menace of terrorism, on its own. The international community has to continuously and collectively work to resolve this difficult and borderless issue,” he added.

Addressing delegates from across the world, Shah said that in the past few decades, India has dealt with several challenging aspects of terrorism. “Zero terror policy, a stringent framework on counter-terror laws, and empowerment of security agencies have resulted in a significant drop in cases of terrorism,” he added.

The two-day meeting on November 18–19 provides a singular forum for participating states and organisations to discuss the efficacy of the current global counter-terrorism financing regime and the initiatives needed to address new challenges.

The meeting aimed to increase international collaboration in order to deny terrorists access to funding and permissive jurisdictions.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi stressed the significance of this conference on Friday, saying that it shouldn’t be viewed as merely a meeting of ministers because terrorism affects all of humanity.

Speaking in New Delhi at the NMFT Ministerial Conference on Counter-Terrorism Financing, he claimed that the poor and the local economy are particularly badly hit by terrorism’s long-term effects. Nobody wants a place that is continuously in danger, whether it be for trade or tourism, Modi said.

The Prime Minister welcomed the group, highlighting the significance of the conference being held in India and recalling a time when the country first witnessed terror before the rest of the world took it seriously.

The Prime Minister claimed that terrorism had attempted to harm India for decades under various guises. He continued by saying that India bravely fought terrorism despite losing thousands of priceless lives in the process.

The Prime Minister emphasised that all of the delegates have the chance to interact with India and its people, who have been steadfast in battling terrorism.