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After a long week of work, we all deserve a full-on celebration. Naturally, the majority of our readers find themselves in a nightclub to dance after working hard during the weekdays. However, to make it pleasant, relaxing, and enjoyable, we need to put some filters on our actions and behaviours. It is not only about dancing and enjoying; it is also not about being polite, morally correct, or dumb; rather, it is about how to do things in an appropriate manner in a nightclub.
On request from our many readers and after getting feedback from various club owners, DJs, promoters, and nightclub staff, we have compiled a list to ensure your nights are fun not only for you but for other people as well. Not to worry, it’s not a rocket science, it’s just an art.
Take a look at the following aspects:
1. There is a clock in night clubs too: once you have decided to go to a nightclub, show up at least 45 minutes before their guest list closes. You cannot show up at the eleventh hour and expect to get in.
2. DJ wala babu: DJs are artists, and they want to share that art with you. If you request a song and the DJ doesn’t play it, take a hint and don’t ask again.
3. Stop talking, start dancing: night clubs are noisy, dark, and crowded too, so better not go for conversions and talks. Nightclubs are for dancing, drinking, and very small talk.
4. Hangovers are temporary, but drunk stories are forever: move away from the bar once you have had your drink. Enjoy your drink at a designated place. Don’t take drinks on a busy dance floor.
5. Don’t flaunt your dancing abilities: Instead of going to the bar, going to a nightclub means willingly opting for dancing. So dance until your little heart is content. Dance, but do not force others to dance. No touching, pushing, or kissing. Not to mention, it becomes very uncomfortable for people whom they bump into while moving in a chain.
6. Learn what looks mean if someone is giving you the cold shoulder, refusing your drinks, dodging away from you, and royally ignoring your smiles. Take the cue and gracefully leave them alone.
7. You Are What You Wear: Dress codes change from club to club and from city to city. The best thing to do is to inquire about the venue about the dress code. If you’re unable to contact anyone, the rule of thumb is to dress to impress. The club etiquette says that you should wear a classy shirt, pants, and relatively dressy shoes.
Remember, there are tons of other people out there wanting to have a great time in a club, just like you. So have fun, and let others have fun as well.

Sarita Sharda is an image consultant and lifestyle blogger. Her site is

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