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NIA raids 50 places in various states linked to over dozen gangsters



The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Monday conducted raids at 50 places in connection with the singer Sidhu Moosewala murder case. NIA teams have reached several locations in Delhi, NCR, Haryana, and Punjab. NIA has inputs that Sidhu Moosewala’s murder is linked to terror groups.

In this case, the NIA has prepared a list of people associated with Neeraj Bawana, Lawrence Bishnoi, and the Tajpuria gang. The agency says that some gangsters are also operating from jails.

Among them, raids were conducted at gangster Lawrence’s house located in Dutranwali village in Fazilka, Goldie Brar’s house in Muktsar Sahib, and Lalit Patial from Chandigarh. 

Gangster Vinay Deoda’s house in Kotkapura, a factory and gangster Shubham’s house in Amritsar have been raided. The house of gangster Ravi Rajgarh has been raided in Ludhiana.

All gangsters are suspected to have connection with terrorists.

The Union Home Ministry suspects that all these gangsters have links with terrorists. Weapons are being provided to them from Pakistan. Apart from this, it is also suspected that at the behest of terrorists, they can spoil the atmosphere in the country and target killing in India. The government has put these organizations on the list of terrorists.

Moosewala was murdered in May, charge sheet was filed against 24 murderers. In the first FIR, gangsters of the Lawrence gang were named in which gang chief Lawrence, Canada-based gangster Goldie Brar, Bikram Brar, Kala Jathedi, Jasdeep Singh alias Jaggu Bhagwanpuria, Sachin Thapan, Lawrence’s brother Anmol, and Lakhbir Singh Landa are included. Apart from the jail, these gangs are running operations from Canada, Dubai, and Pakistan.

Moosewala was murdered on 29 May in Mansa. In this case, the police have presented a charge sheet against 24 murderers in the Mansa court. It also has details of the shooters Mannu and Roopa killed in the encounter. In this, the gangsters sitting abroad now including Goldie Brar and Lipin Nehra are also charged under Red Corner Notice. At the same time, 166 witnesses have been made in this charge sheet. After Mundi’s arrest, the police will soon present a supplementary challan.

The killing of Moosewala mainly involved 6 shooters, known to have two modules named Corolla and Bolero modules. Out of these, after Bolero module leader shooter Priyavart Fauji, Ankit Sersa, and Kashish alias Kuldeep, the police also caught Deepak Mundi. On the other hand, the shooters of the Corolla module, Jagroop Roopa and Manpreet Mannu, were killed by the Punjab Police in an encounter at Bhakna village near Attari, Amritsar.

Moosewala’s killer was about to flee to Dubai: Mundi was caught in Darjeeling along with 2 accomplices. 

Deepak Mundi, the sixth shooter who shot dead Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala, and his two accomplices were arrested from the BOP water tank of Khari Baori in Darjeeling on Saturday. Mundi was preparing to cross the Nepal border with his two companions Kapil Pandit and Rajendra Joker as told by Punjab Police senior officials. 

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BJP accuses CM Kejriwal of corruption in electricity discoms



BJP on Thursday leveled another corruption charge against the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). This time, party spokespersons Syed Zafar Islam and Harish Khurana accused Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal of appointing chosen officials to facilitate corruption in the electricity companies and prevent audits.
BJP spokesperson Syed Zafar Islam pointed out the Delhi Chief Minister’s previous promises and accused him of “stealing” electricity. In 2013, Kejriwal used to accuse the two companies of the Anil Ambani group and Tata Discom of being “thieves”. I want to ask what happened that the man who used to talk about stopping electricity theft, is himself stealing electricity,” Islam said.
“BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPS) and BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL). In both these companies, 51% of the shares are with Anil Ambani and the remaining 49% with the Delhi Government. “Since the Delhi government also had a 49% stake, the government used to keep retired IAS officers, retired Finance Secretaries, and retired Revenue Secretaries as its representatives to protect their interests,” the BJP leader continued. But, Kejriwal Ji removed them and appointed his own pawns to protect his own interests and facilitate corruption. ND Gupta and Jasmine Shah are known for corruption. Kejriwal has kept them as his pawns,” Islam said
He also alleged Kejriwal of stopping the audit of the government funding and accused him of corruption by giving commissions. “The Kejriwal government took a decision in 2016 that audits will be conducted every year. But, he didn’t follow his own decision. Because, if the audit had been done, it would have revealed how much money went to the public and how much to the beneficiaries, “Islam said.” Islam said.
BJP spokesperson Harish Khurana also attacked the Kejriwal government, saying, “When the AAP government came, Kejriwal used to say that we would waive off all the electricity bills and the electricity bills would be the lowest in Delhi. He also used to accuse the power discom of being thieves”. He claimed that the public has no idea of how their money had been spent and demanded an audit of government spending. 
“A total of Rs 16,233 crores has been extracted as fixed charges in the last five years. Rs 12,408 crores were given as subsidies between 2015 and 21. 2,677 crores were given as a surcharge, the regulatory assets were worth 9,195 crores, and 3,900 crores were paid for the power purchase agreement. But, the total figure stands at Rs 49,636 crores”, Khurana said.
“No one knows the calculation of this Rs 49,000 crores. I want to ask, do the people of Delhi don’t have the right to know how their money has been used? We are only asking what the Kejriwal government promised. We demand the whole audit of the government spending,” Khurana said.
The allegation comes amid a spate of corruption cases being investigated against several AAP leaders, including Manish Sisodia, Satyendra Jain, Amantullah Khan, etc.

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Northern Army Command inducts indigenous 4×4 Quick Reaction Force vehicles



The Northern Command of the Indian Army announced the induction of the 4×4 Quick Reaction Force vehicles on Thursday.

The Northern Command tweeted, “Northern Command inducts 4×4 Quick Reaction Force Vehicles, an indigenous initiative by Bharat Forge Limited; an all-terrain high mobility combat troop carrier with armour and mine protection.”

The all-terrain, high mobility combat troop carrier comes with armour and mine protection. It is indigenous and manufactured by Bharat Forge Limited.

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Drunk minor in Odisha held for killing a man




In the Ganjam district of Odisha, a 17-year-old was detained on Thursday after police reported that he had reportedly used a stone slab to bash a man’s head after the man refused to give him money for alcohol.

The event happened on Tuesday at a liquor store nearby in the Premnagar neighbourhood of this district headquarters town.

The drunk teenager had approached the man as he was returning home, demanded money, and punched him in the head when he refused.

The 48-year-old victim was taken in an ambulance to a local hospital, where staff members pronounced him dead, according to the police.

The child, who is facing two charges, including one for burglary, was just released on bail.

In a separate instance, the police detained two people for allegedly killing a 70-year-old man by beating him to death on Wednesday in Bolasara.

The police said that they had attacked the man’s son, who had allegedly abused them after drinking alcohol and hurt him.

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“We are not selling anything in India”: Drugs flagged by WHO



SC seeks Centre’s response on plea over shortage of lifesaving HIV drugs

All India Organisation of Chemists and Druggists said on Thursday that there is no supply of drugs in India by the Haryana-based firm that manufactured cough syrups flagged by the World Health Organization (WHO) as “substandard products”.AIOCD said, “There is no supply of Maiden Pharmaceuticals Limited drugs in India, they only export their products, still, if any guideline is issued by the Drugs Controller General of India we will follow those guidelines.”The WHO issued an alert on Wednesday, saying that the cough syrups manufactured by Maiden Pharmaceuticals Limited could potentially be linked to the death of children in The Gambia.The WHO has listed Promethazine Oral Solution, Kofexmalin Baby Cough Syrup, Makoff Baby Cough Syrup and Magrip N Cold Syrup as substandard paediatric medicines because they had “unacceptable amounts of diethylene glycol and ethylene glycol as contaminants.”The agency added, “To date, these four products have been identified in The Gambia, but may have been distributed, through informal markets, to other countries or regions.”Naresh Kumar Goyal, one of the directors of the Maiden Pharmaceuticals told, “We are trying to find out the situation because it cropped up only today morning.”He also said, “We are trying to find out with the buyer and all that what has happened exactly. We are not selling anything in India.”

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Replacing A Toilet Wax Ring



Are you noticing leaks from the bottom of your toilet? Start by locating the source of the leak. First, check the tank, bolts, and gasket where the tank meets the toilet bolt. Look for any cracks in the structure. If not, proceed onto the supply tube. Once you’ve shut off the main valve to prevent water from flowing through the pipe, inspect the line thoroughly. Check for any leaks or drips along the pipe’s body. If you clear both tests, chances are you’ll need a toilet wax ring replacement

What Is A Toilet Wax Ring?

A wax ring creates a water-tight seal around the toilet and the flooring where it meets the drain. It is one of the essential elements of any bathroom to prevent leaks and ensure good hygiene. Thus, if you’re looking to repair or replace the wax ring, you’ll need to disconnect the toilet from the flooring entirely. 

How To Perform A Toilet Wax Ring Replacement?

Fixing a leaking toilet is not as challenging as it seems. You must follow these steps and pay attention to instructions to help make this process quick and easy. 

Before any replacement, you must turn off the water supply to the toilet. Whether using the toilet’s shutoff valve or restricting water throughout the house, there must be no water in the toilet during the replacement. Note that the toilet’s valve is on the back, and you need to turn the knob clockwise to stop the water. 

Next, drain all the water from the toilet. For this, remove the water tank’s lid and keep flushing. Once this is done, suck out the remaining water using a vacuum or a sponge. Then, disconnect the plumbing line from the tank. 

Once you’ve got your toilet dry, it’s time to disconnect it. Pop the lids off the plastic caps encasing the bolts and nuts. Use a screwdriver to remove the bolts holding the toilet to the flange underneath. Then, rock it to break the vacuum seal. Doing this will loosen the toilet and make it ready to move. Lift the toilet and place it on a lint-free towel. Be sure to distribute the weight evenly across the surface to prevent chipping or damage. 

Now, you’ll need to scrape off existing wax from the ring. Use a sharp putty knife to break off chunks to hasten the process. Repeat this to the underside of the toilet too. The idea is to get the edges clean and dry to make the new toilet wax ring replacement more effective. 

Next, check the flange and look for any cracks or damage. While some corrosion is expected, if the pipe is too degraded, you’ll need to call a professional to replace it. While doing so, it’s good practice to replace old bolts with new ones for lasting results. Once this is done, place the new toilet wax ring on top of the flange and install the toilet. 

Reinstallation is probably one of the essential aspects. Lift the toilet from the towel and align it correctly with the holes and bolts. Then, set it down gently and use your body weight to add pressure to create a water-tight seal. Replace the washers, buts, and plastic caps, and you’re done. 

Turn on the value and restore the water supply. Let the tank fill up and flush the toilet to check if the replacement has been successful.

Final Words

It is always better to call for a professional expert to get the job done more neatly and appropriately. Call a reliable plumber and get the problem solved faster.  

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Super Bowl LVI Favorites: Matthew Stafford



As we slowly make our way into the 2022 to 2023 regular season, we start thinking about the Super Bowl odds for this coming postseason. But, we are still a fair way off yet, and at this point it is still anybody’s game. 

So, rather than make ourselves tense and anxious by hypothetically speaking about who could be at the next Super Bowl, let’s reminisce for a bit, and think about what happened last year. 

Matthew Stafford did well in last year’s Super Bowl, he was popular from the get go, as soon as we knew he would be going to the Super Bowl. 

We can’t help but wonder what he will do this coming year. Maybe he will see another Super Bowl this year. Might history repeat itself with Stafford? 

We want to take a proper look into Stafford as a Super Bowl favorite, and take a moment to relive the excitement we all felt last year.

Climb in our time machine, and jump into the past, as we look to the future!

Early Favorites

Last year we were edging towards the Super Bowl, it was the end of January, and we knew who was going to be playing off in the biggest game of the year. We say Stafford on the field, and we knew Joe Burrow was going to be just as big. 

Of course, we could never have anticipated what was going to go down. We made educated guesses and bets, but no one guessed exactly what would happen. 

Early on, both Stafford and Barrow were favorites for Super Bowl MVPs. NFL betting markets were rocking it sky high for these two, with good bets across the board.

Quarterbacks always dominated the MVP race of glory, with 9 claiming MVP titles in the previous 12 Super Bowls. 

The only differences were Edelman in Super Bowl LIII and Miller in Super Bowl 50. Brady has taken the honors a few times too. This year had Stafford and Burrow both up to be a possibility. 

Odds on Stafford were at -105, all knew it was likely, and Burrow has +220 odds for an MVP title. But, we all knew that the odds for Stafford were good, and they were top tier early on. He was expecting glory.

High Stats

Part of the reason for this was his stats. Sure, he had never won a postseason game, but he had wins over the 49ers, Cardinals, and the Buccaneers to have him creeping towards his first championship title. 

Everyone knew he would be playing a part in a win for LA. And so, people started looking at prop bets for Stafford, and they were pretty juicy, and those who made some of those bets fared pretty well from doing so.

Passing Yards

The first area in which prop bets were viewed was in his passing yards. It was anticipated he would make over 279.5, and so the bets were set. 

He did look to tweak his knee in the first half of the NFC game, but he still gave 337 passing yards, and in the whole season he averaged at 287.4 yards per game, with 7 of those games being at 300 or more yards. 

In the postseason he was gaining over 300 yards per game, so to make a prop bet that he would go over 279.5 was a pretty solid bet. Since he actually got 283 yards, anyone who bet over was probably very happy! 


Bettors also looked at his completions. The over marker was 24.5 completions, and with 8 games of 25 or higher that season, it was a solid number. And it was no shock to see how well Stafford performed in the game with a high completion rate and with many TDs and more.

Passing Touchdowns

Stafford had a solid 41 touchdown passes in this year which matched up with a career-high that he set back in 2011. He had 9 games in which he gained 3 or more touchdowns during the regular season. He also had many scores in 9 out of 10 of his past games as well. 

So he set a 1.5 rate for over/under bettors. Anyone who bet over was happy, but his no-look touchdown pass was undoubtedly the highlight of the game! 

His First Super Bowl Appearance

Obviously, we cannot forget that he was not just a favorite to be Super Bowl MVP last year, but he was more. 

Stafford saw his first Super Bowl appearance that year, he took it home and became a well-known legend for how he slayed in the game. 

He played most of his career with the Lions, which was less than successful for the enthusiastic quarterback. He switched to the Rams, and things changed for him. 

He performed well, and helped make it, so the Rams took home a Super Bowl. 

However, in spite of this, it was not Stafford who took home the MVP title. Kupp got it instead, granted Kupp made one hell of a tackle which just about saved the game, but Stafford should be remembered for epic play too!

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