India will celebrate its 75th Independence with the new Parliament building in 2022, says Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the ‘bhoomi pujan’ ceremony, which has the entire Cabinet and other guests in attendance.

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday laid the foundation stone for a new Parliament building here. The ceremony was performed with full rituals, along with “Sarva Dharma Prarthana”. The bhoomi pujan saw the entire Cabinet and other guests in attendance. 

While addressing the gathering, the PM focused on the Aatmanirbhar mission to be a part of building the new premises along with culture and self-reliance. PM Modi also added that old building is a heritage and needs rest now and this new building will be a symbol of Indian democracy, the “mother of all democracies”. He added that India would celebrate its 75th Independence with this new Parliament building in 2022.

The laying of the foundation of the new Parliament building will be remembered as a “proud day for all 130 crore Indians”, PM Modi said, adding that the new building will be a “symbol of a new and self-reliant India”.

The PM said that inauguration of the construction work of the new Parliament House of India is “one of the most important stages of our democratic tradition”.

“If the old Parliament House gave direction to post-independence India, the new building would become a witness to the creation of ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’. If work is done to fulfil the needs of the country in the old Parliament House, then the aspirations of 21st century India will be fulfilled in the new building,” he said.

The new Parliament building is being built in the arena of Parliament space only; the building would be triangular in shape with four floors and earthquake resistant and fully secure for the VIPs. The project will accommodate office spaces for the members of Parliament.

Speaking to The Daily Guardian, Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla said that it was the demand from the MPs to build a new house as the space was not enough. Replying to a question, he said that the Opposition may say anything, but it was need of the hour and “we have started the work in tough times”.

The upcoming structure would allow 888 members to sit in the Lok Sabha and 354 in the Rajya Sabha, whereas 1,209 members can sit together for a joint session. The project of a new building has been allotted to the Tatas and a deadline of 2022 has been set.

Besides the PM and the Lok Sabha speaker, Amit shah, Ravi Shankar Prasad, Dr Harsh Vardhan and many MPs from different political parties were present. Delegates and foreign envoys were invited too. State Assembly speakers and chief ministers joined the event virtually. Industrialist Ratan Tata was also present.