‘Never heard or seen Kamal Nath committing atrocities on Sikhs,’ says state Congress chief


Punjab Congress president Amarinder Singh Raja Warring has said that he has never heard or seen former chief minister of Madhya Pradesh Kamal Nath committing atrocities on Sikhs.
He made the remark while addressing an election rally in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore.
“The misinformation that a few people in the state are spreading by posing as Sikhs saying that Kamal Nath has committed atrocities on the Sikhs, but I have not heard or seen Kamal Nath committing atrocities on any Sikhs till date. I think that even Guru Nanak ji will also not forgive such people,” Raja Warring said.
The Congress leader further said that the entire country wanted change and claimed that Madhya Pradesh’s corruption and scams were prevalent across the
“The entire country wants change. Madhya Pradesh’s corruption scams are prevalent across the country and the exploits of the BJP government’s scams are being discussed across the country. If Madhya Pradesh has to progress again, youth must get employment, inflation to come down and scams to be stopped, then Kamal Nath will have to be made the Chief Minister of this state again,” he added.
Meanwhile, addressing the program, state congress chief Nath said that he was happy being here and the forthcoming state assembly polls to be held on November 17 would be the election of the future of Madhya Pradesh.
“I am very happy to be here. It is a special quality of Indore; the people of Indore give knowledge to others. I want to say that every election has its own meaning.
I have contested elections for 40 years and have won. I have seen many elections but the election which is on November 17, it is neither an election of a candidate, nor a party but it is the election of the future of Madhya Pradesh,” the Congress leader said.
He further said that the truth of Madhya Pradesh and how the state has been cheated in the last 18 years was in front of everyone.
“Today’s picture of Madhya Pradesh is in front of you. This “Shivraj of Thagraj”, how he has cheated our state, everything has been ruined in the last 18 years. I made efforts when I was the Chief Minister, to create a new image of Madhya Pradesh, to create a new identity. Madhya Pradesh cannot be identified with corruption or mafia. Today, every individual in the state is either a victim of corruption or a witness to corruption. A system of corruption has been created that gives money and gets work. One has 50 acres of land, but gives money and gets name registered in the below poverty line (BPL),” Nath said.
He further said that he would only say one thing that the button which would be pressed on November 17 would not be of only one candidate, it would be the button for the future of the youth, the future of the agricultural sector and the button for the future of Madhya Pradesh.
“At last I say one more thing, don’t support Congress or Kamal Nath but do support the truth. If you (public) support the truth, then you will keep Madhya Pradesh safe for our future generations,” Nath added.
Madhya Pradesh is one of the five states set to hold elections this year. The state is scheduled to undergo polls on November 17 and the counting of votes will take place on December 3. Voters will choose legislators from 230 Assembly constituencies.