Nepal: Six more packages are being X-rayed for possible gold smuggling case

Six more packages are being examined in Nepal for a possible case of gold smuggling


The Department of Revenue Investigation (DRI) is now looking into six parcels believed to contain smuggled yellow metal after 1.5 quintals of metals, including gold, were seized last week, according to The Kathmandu Post.

On Sunday, the investigation team formed by the department opened a few metal packs to examine if they contained smuggled gold. According to Nawaraj Adhikari, information officer at the DRI, it is challenging to prove the existence of gold in them with bare eyes, therefore the investigative team wants to run the metal boxes through an X-ray machine on Monday, he said to The Kathmandu Post.
Adhikari said two large machines could not be opened on Sunday and they would be opened with the help of mechanics on Monday.

On July 18, over a quintal of gold was seized concealed inside motorcycle brake shoes as the consignment was taken away in a taxi after getting customs clearances from the Tribhuvan International Airport.
Part of the gold seized during the raid by the DRI belonged to the Ready Trade. Six more metal packs were seized later, according to DRI, The Kathmandu Post reported.
In the past two months, the Ready Trade company has imported various metallic goods including brake shoes, shavers, and mechanical motors that weighed nearly two tonnes, The Kathmandu Post reported citing a local news report.