Nepal Plane Crash: Bodies of 4 youths brought to Ghazipur

Bodies of four men were brought back to the Uttar Pradesh district of Ghazipur from Kathmandu by the road who were killed in a Nepal plane crash.

The deceased have been identified as Sonu Jaishwal, Anil Rajbhar, Abhishek Kushwaha, and Vishal Sharma.

Earlier on Sunday the bodies of Anil Kumar Rajbhar and Abhisekh Kushwaha were identified by the doctors in Nepal on the basis of evidence provided by the families of the victims.

Meanwhile, on 15 January a total of 72 passengers boarded the Yeti Airlines plane, which included five Indians, and crashed into a river gorge while landing.

Following the crash, the Nepal Army also handed over the flight data recorder. Earlier on Sunday, minutes before touch-down, the twin-engine ATR 72 aircraft from Kathmandu crashed in Pokhara. In the crash, all the passengers lost their lives, and so far 71 bodies have been recovered.

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