Neither Messi nor Cristiano: Mourinho passes a verdict to end decade-long debate

Tottenhum manager Jose Mourinho put a new twist in the debate when it comes to the best footballer in the world. Suprisingly, it is neither Cristiano Ronaldo nor Lionel Messi for him. Earlier in March,Brazillian legend Pele dubbed Cristiano Ronaldo as the best player in the game, and praised his agility, attitude and his relentless goal-scoring capability.

The debate whether Ronaldo is better than Messi or vice versa has gripped almost the decade, as the football world has literally been dominated by the two giants who share 11 Ballon d’Ors between them. Lately players like David Beckham and Wayne Rooney also tried to topple the debate with their verdicts. While Beckham feels Messi is the best player currently playing in the scene,Rooney backed his assessment too.

Jose Mourinho, the former Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid boss, praised both players rather than choosing one of them to focus on. Mourinho feels that they should not have been born in the same era, “I think they are lucky and unlucky to be in the same generation,” he said.

Although they have set the bars for other footballers high, Moruinho believes that the former Brazillian player Ronaldo is the best player football has ever seen.

Morinho feels Cristiano Ronaldo’s namesake is better because he has helped histeam win world cup twice.

Mourinho, while he was managing RealMadrid, has also been having a patch of friction with Cristiano’s attitude problem, “I had only one problem with him, very simple, very basic, which was when a coach criticizes a player from a tactical viewpoint trying to improve what in my view could have been improved. And at that moment he didn’t take it very well because maybe he thinks he knows everything and the coach cannot help him to develop more” Mourinho spoke to Guardian.

Mourinho believes that Brazillian Ronaldo would have been on the top of the game still now had the injuries hampered his career prematurely. “injuries killed a career that could have been even more incredible” Mourinho said

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