Neighbour murders 40-year-old man with a ‘Khukri’


A 40-year-old man was allegedly murdered on Wednesday with a ‘Khukri’ by his neighbour during a late-night brawl at Anukampa Apartment in Ghaziabad’s Indirapuram locality.

According to police, the suspect fled the scene, and an investigation is underway to find him.

The suspect, according to Ghaziabad police, was identified as KK Pandey (45), a native of Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh, and the victim, Parminder Kumar (40), was from Baghpat in Uttar Pradesh.

Both of them were sitting outside their houses around 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday when the suspect stated that the wire of his bike had been deliberately cut off by someone.

“The victim made some comments over the damage to the bike which did not go down well with the suspect. Soon, a verbal altercation started. In between, the wife of the deceased also arrived and the suspect hit her. Thereafter, the neighbour somehow managed to send them to their flats and pacified the matter. After some time, when Kumar came to know that his wife was hit, he went to the suspect’s house with a stick to avenge the ill-treatment meted out to his wife,” said Gyanendra Kumar Singh, superintendent of police (city 2).

When the deceased arrived at suspect Pandey’s flat, he pulled out a ‘khukri’ and delivered two blows.

A khukri is a heavy knife with a sharp inwardly curved blade. It is used as a tool and weapon in several South Asian countries, as well as by army regiments.

“The victim suffered two major injuries on his abdomen as a result of the attack by khukri and he collapsed and was rushed to a nearby hospital. The suspect fled the spot thereafter,” SP added.

Police at Indirapuram police station registered an FIR for murder and attempted murder against the absconding suspect after receiving a complaint from the victim’s wife.