Congress MP took a dig at BJP, shared Nehru’s Tribute to Bhagat Singh

On the 115th birth anniversary of Indian Revolutionary Bhagat Singh, several politicians and political parties paid tribute to the legend. A senior Congress MP, Jairam Ramesh shared Nehru’s tribute to Bhagat Singh.
In an attempt to mock BJP, Ramesh said that parties whose ideology he would have “bitterly opposed are trying to appropriate his legacy.”
In an article published in The Bombay Chronicle, Jawaharlal Nehru revealed the reason behind his “absolute silence” during Bhagat Singh’s last days.
The MP said that the pillar of Congress’s Bharat Jodo Yatra is what the revolutionary fought for.
“Today is the 21st day of #BharatJodoYatra & 115th birth anniversary of great revolutionary Bhagat Singh. Parties whose ideology he’d have bitterly opposed are trying to appropriate his legacy, whereas pillars of @bharatjodo are what he fought for. Sharing Nehru’s 1931 tribute to him,” Ramesh, Congress general secretary in charge of communication, posted on Twitter.

Nehru wrote in his tribute letter, published in The Bombay Chronicle, “I have remained silent during their last days lest a word of mine may injure the prospect of commutation. I have remained silent though I felt like bursting, and now all is over. Not all of us could save him who was so dear to us and whose magnificent courage and sacrifice have been an inspiration to the youth of India. India today cannot even save her dearly loved children from the gallows.”

Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru and Sukhdev were executed on March 23, 1931, in Lahore for their involvement in the Lahore Conspiracy Case.

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