Natural Ways To Prevent Prostate Cancer

Online searches indicate that most people are interested in knowing how they can prevent prostate cancer. Experts have also stated that there isn’t a magic wand for preventing the disease. Ensuring you are healthy as you grow old can help lower your chances of having the disease. Prostate cancer is just like every other cancer. […]

Online searches indicate that most people are interested in knowing how they can prevent prostate cancer. Experts have also stated that there isn’t a magic wand for preventing the disease. Ensuring you are healthy as you grow old can help lower your chances of having the disease. Prostate cancer is just like every other cancer. We have no control over some of the risk factors that contribute to cancer. No matter what you do, you cannot avoid those risk factors.

Some Prostate Cancer Risk Factors We Cannot Control

Prostate cancer comes with aging. As you grow old, your chance of getting prostate cancer increases. Genetics and race are also contributing factors. For example, black Americans have a higher chance of contracting prostate cancer than white Americans.

If you have someone in your family lineage who has prostate cancer, that also increases your chances of having the disease. With these factors, preventing prostate becomes a difficult task. But you can also avert a complete disaster by going for early check-ups. Early screening ensures early diagnosis, eventually paving the way for early treatments.

Other Risk Factors That Can Be Controlled

Studies have also shown that men in the US, UK, and Europe have a higher percentage of prostate cancer than their counterparts in Asia. Although the reason for the disparity is still unclear, some experts blame the difference on the diet types in both regions.

It’s no news that unbalanced diets and poor eating habits that rely absolutely on animal proteins and fats can damage one’s DNA and result in cancer.

Men already prone to prostate cancer can reduce their chances of getting the disease by fine-tuning their eating habits. A healthy lifestyle and a good diet can go a long way in this regard.

Better Your Diet

Researchers are yet to find the perfect correlation between prostate cancer prevention and diet. However, studies indicate that tweaking one’s eating habits might help. Tweak your diet by doing the following;

Consume less fat. Cut down on saturated fats and trans fats. Instead, focus on healthy fats, like omega-3 fatty acids from fish, seeds, and nuts.

Consume more vegetables and fruits. Indulge in a variety of leafy greens. That is because they contain elements that help to slow down prostate cancer. For instance, processed or cooked tomatoes contain a unique antioxidant known as lycopene. This antioxidant helps to fight against prostate cancer cells, helping to slow down their growth. Another example is cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli. Again, this is because they contain sulforaphane necessary for protecting against cancer.

Add soy and green tea. Clinical trials show that soy may reduce PSA levels. The tests also indicated that green tea could help reduce the risks of prostate cancer.

No charred meat. Avoiding charred meat from grilling or frying at extreme temperatures will also help prevent prostate cancer. This is because charred meats have chemicals in them that can bring about cancer.

Maintain Healthy Weight

Being overweight or obese is a risk factor that can lead to prostate cancer. Therefore, you must watch how you eat as you grow old. In summary, losing weight and ensuring you maintain a healthy weight will reduce your chances of getting prostate cancer and save you from other health issues.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is often overlooked as a way to ensure healthy living. It is possible to maintain a healthy weight through regular exercise. For example, regular exercise can enhance immune functions, reduce inflammation, and combat a non-active lifestyle’s harmful effects. All of that, put together, will reduce your chances of getting cancer.

Drink Less and Stop Smoking

It helps to quit smoking because doing that impacts your health in many ways. One of them is in reducing the risks of cancer. But if you feel the urge to drink, then make sure you drink responsibly. Alcohol consumption must be done in moderation if you wish to avoid prostate.

Some studies support the moderate consumption of red wine due to its antioxidant properties. This may help to improve your health.

Increase Vitamin D

Many people lack sufficient Vitamin D. Vitamin D plays a significant role in guarding against prostate and other health challenges. Foods rich in Vitamin D are wild salmon, cod liver oil, as well as dried shitake mushrooms.

But, if you cannot lay your hands on any of these, you can get Vitamin D from the sun, its most readily available source. Experts advise spending at least ten minutes under the sun. Do that daily, and you will have enough Vitamin D in your system. Vitamin D supplements are also a good alternative. However, try speaking with your medical advisor before taking any Vitamin D supplements.

Be Sexually Active

Multiple studies indicate that males with an active sex life are less likely to get diagnosed with prostate cancer. While the studies are still on, some experts have concluded that ejaculation helps to rid the body of toxic substances that could bring about inflammation. Overall, that saves the individual from prostate and cancers in general.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves breathing in pure oxygen inside a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. It is only accessible inside an HBOT chamber. HBOT offers many benefits to users. Concerning prostate cancer, HBOT starves the body of inflammation.

If the cells and tissues in your body don’t grow out of proportion, your chances of having cancer will be drastically reduced. People indulge HBOT chambers to prevent against such illnesses.

Drugs for Preventing Prostate Cancer

A couple of drugs can be used to treat and prevent prostate cancer. One such drug is DHT or dihydrotestosterone. This drug is for treating BPH or benign prostatic hyperplasia. Extensive studies on this drug show that it can reduce prostate risks by almost twenty-five percent.

Also, please discuss this with your doctor before taking DHT because it has potential side effects. Its effectiveness is equally based on certain factors.


This post has made us understand that certain factors like race, age, and genes can increase our chances of getting prostate cancer. While we cannot do anything about the above factors, there are some steps we can take to guard against the disease. We have discussed some natural tips to prevent prostate cancer. Even if you are prone to having the disease, applying the above tips can help lower the chance of getting prostate. Having time-to-time medical check-ups could help avert an aggressive form of the disease. Finally, get yourself an HBOT chamber to help you get rid of any inflammation in your bodies, helping you avoid prostate or cancers in general.