Kolkata court grants bail to ISF leader, Naushad Siddiqui


Naushad Siddiqui, a leader of the Indian Secular Front (ISF) and an MLA for Bhangar, was given bail on Thursday by the Kolkata Sessions court after being detained for assaulting officers.

His request for bail had been denied previously in February by the Kolkata Sessions Court. Siddiqui was detained in jail until February 15 after being arrested for assaulting officers.
Supporters of the Indian Secular Front (ISF) demonstrated against the detention of party head Naushad Siddiqui and 17 employees on January 25 in Kolkata.

When Siddiqui was speaking at a rally in Kolkata to commemorate his party’s founding day in January, ISF employees and police engaged in combat.

Following a fight with the police in January of this year, Naushad Siddiqui and 17 other party members were detained and held in police detention until February 1.
If the authorities did not release Naushad, the ISF threatened violent demonstrations in Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal. The founder of the Indian Secular Front, Pirzada Md Abbas Siddique, criticised the Trinamool Congress (TMC) administration of West Bengal, claiming that the TMC is attempting to contain the ISF due to its growing power.

“It is really regrettable. Every group is free to carry out its own programmes. That is such a tragic thing that occurred. It represents an effort to kill democracy. Such incidents convey Bengal the wrong message, “In February, Abbas Siddique told to mediapersons.

“ISF strikes the administration with fear. The ISF has a single MP. However, individuals of all linguistic and religious backgrounds are joining the ISF. The TMC officials are now afraid as a result of this “His addition was.