When we talk about culture, mythology is one word that resonates most with it. It reflects our history and roots.
Since childhood, we are told and shown multiple renditions of our mythological books and holy scriptures.
It is believed that these books inculcate in children ethics and morals and mold their intellect and consciousness. In recent years we have seen the rise of mythological fiction as one of the most loved genres by young and adults alike.
The books written under this genre are a confluence of cultural backgrounds and modern-day ideas and plots. They dress the age-old beliefs, ideologies, traditions, tales, and myths in contemporary grabs. While keeping the stories alive, they bring forth a whole new perspective, voice, and emotions.
Beeja House takes forward the same ethos with its new release ‘Mystery of Lankeshwari Devi’ by Dr Dibyendu Choudhary. The first of the five books in the “Patal Loka Series”, the story springs with an undercover Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer who is determined to safeguard India’s historical mysteries and its treasures. He allies with the NSA and CBI to fight against the time. Amid all this, the sacred idol of Lankeshwari Devi is stolen from the temple itself.
On the run, he receives clues and eventually ends up with a puzzle crafted within the Mantra lines. His journey to reveal secrets opens up interesting clues for the next destination. But he has to run as fast as he can because the Kali Yuga is ending by April 2030.
Come, unfold the pages and walk on a journey to a different realm. Witness in words and actions what the book says, “Our mythology is a Metaverse within the Multiverse.”
Being born in the quaint town of West Bengal, Dr Dibyendu Choudhary has seen his fair share of ups and downs in life. With multiple jobs and professional changes, the author found his calling with this book. Even being in full-time sales to changing jobs and being a full-time professor for the sake of stability, his mind traveled with books. His imagination and ideas ran leaps and bounds with every turn of the page, and every book he read. However, amid all the books and genres he has read, mythological fiction is what his heart rejoices in reading. And thus came the idea of writing a five-book series: the ‘Patal Loka Series’; ‘Mystery of Lankeshwari Devi’ being the first one.
“When we talk about fiction, we talk about creation and imagination. When we talk about mythology, we talk about history and culture. And when these two combine, what we get is a powerful narrative laced with myth, cultures, imagination, and truth. Mythological fiction holds a strong ground when it comes to being a part of India’s literature community. And with ‘Mystery of Lankeshwari Devi’ by Dr. Dibyendu Choudhary I am glad that Beeja House is a part of this fraternity,’ says Geetika Saigal. She is a 5-Time TEDx Speaker, Bestselling Author, a Multi Award-winning Coach and Founder & CEO of Beeja House, India’s 1st & only Mentored Publishing House.The author while sharing his experiences said, “Indian mythologies have always been my source of inspiration. My three years long stay in the UK and Europe for my professional life exposed me to another fantasy world which is more fun than reading a book. It awakened me from a deep sleep. With constant travelling between cities, I understood that this entire world is like an open library. Getting exposed to several cultures, and people getting soaked with European folktales and traditions made me understand how rich Indian culture is.”