Must balance business education, financial education and academic education, says international wealth expert Ron Malhotra

Renowned Wealth and Business Expert Ron Malhotra recently joined NewsX for an exclusive interview. He is also an Author and Entrepreneur. Ron’s whole life and business is geared around enabling people to magnify their life’s potential. Nothing pains Ron more than to seeing people waste their potential. Nothing gives him more pleasure than to see people stretch, grow and perform.

Ron is on a mission to enable as many people as he can to magnify their life’s potential and discover the variety of mentoring, advisory and coaching services. Sharing his mantra, Ron says, “Don’t assume that people who only care about your feelings care about you. People who care about you want you to have the life you want. Not just for you to feel good in the short term”.

Ron’s life purpose is to inspire and empower people to thrive by helping them magnify their Influence, success and wealth. His roots are from India but he is currently based in Australia. Ron says he was fortunate enough to find some very good mentors and because of that, he was able to change his mindset and develop the type of skills that were in high demand.

He states that despite having degrees and employment, people are unable to create enough financial wealth to last them their entire lifetime. They cannot rely on the government, parents and their children as they are going to be on their financial stress as well and people are simply not prepared for it. Hence, his motive is to provide knowledge to more and more people.

Ron is also very vocal about the shortcomings of the academic education system. According to him, the system does not prepare young people to create financial wealth as majority of graduates know how to pay bills and but lack mindset or skills to create financial wealth.

When asked about his advice to ambitious people, Ron says that a person should be able to balance academic education with business education, self-education and financial education.

He adds that people need to understand that academic education is insufficient and inadequate to give them life success. Instead, it makes them incapable to be able to design the life they want. There is no point of just making a little bit of money and being unhappier at the same time. He further points out that the most successful people in the world are not those who make a lot of money but those who make a lot of money by doing what they absolutely love.

According to him, there should be integration of self-education at the school level itself. People should allow their children to choose their passion. On being questioned about his future plans, Ron responded that he cannot wait to share all these ideas to more and more people in India.

Ron Malhotra signs off by saying, “You bring the attitude – I’ll show you the way. You bring the commitment – I’ll bring the knowledge and strategy to make your dream come to life.”

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