Murder of Shraddha Walkar forced to break up with Tunisha; says Sheezan Khan

In Tunisha Sharma’s death case the main accused Sheezan Khan has revealed that he decided to end the relationship with Tunisha after the gruesome murder of Shraddha Walkar.

Meanwhile, the accused Khan said, ‘he was so disturbed by the atmosphere in the country that emerged after the gruesome murder of Shraddha Walkar” allegedly by her live-in partner, that Khan decided to end their relationship.”

After emerging repercussions from the Shraddha Walkar case, Sheezan told police that he ended the relationship because of the Shraddha Walker murder case.

Moreover, Sheezan also revealed that after the break-up Tunisha tried to attempt suicide and said, “Tunisha had recently tried to commit suicide a few days before her death, but at that time I saved her and told Tunisha’s mother to take special care of her.”

Earlier a fortnight before she was found dead inside a toilet Sheezan broke up with Tunisha.

Under Section 306 of the Indian Penal Code, the case was registered against Sheezan and Waliv police produced Khan in the court.

However, on 24 December on the set of a TV Serial Tunisha was found dead in the toilet. Both the actors were in a relationship and had broken up 15 days ago. After the breakup, Tunisha was under stress.

Furthermore, both Tunisha and Sheezan’s phones have been sent to the forensic lab, and calls and chats can be retrieved to understand the whole matter.

According to the police sources, “The police have sent the mobile phones of both Tunisha and Sheezan to the forensic lab so that the calls and chats between the two can be retrieved to understand what happened between the duo and what drove Tunisha to death after 15 days of breakup.”

Notably, Tunisha’s mother Vanita Sharma, and her maternal uncle’s statements have been recorded.

“Family members are in shock after this incident. Tunisha used to live with her mother in the Indraprastha building on Meera Road. She used to bear all the expenses of the family, but now she is no more. Whoever is the accused should be punished,” Tunisha’s uncle said.

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