Munawwar Rana’s condition worsens, shifted to ventilator support at hospital

Renowned Urdu poet and writer Munawwar Rana, aged 70, was urgently admitted to Apollo Hospital in Lucknow due to a sudden deterioration in his health.

In a video statement, Munawwar Rana’s daughter, Sumaiya Rana, expressed serious concerns about her father’s critical condition. She reported that his health had been declining for the past few days and that during a dialysis session, he experienced intense stomach pain. As a result, doctors conducted a CT scan, which revealed a problem with his gall bladder. Subsequently, he underwent surgery, and medical professionals are diligently treating him to minimize the risk of infection under careful supervision.

Sumaiya Rana mentioned that the next 72 hours are extremely crucial for Munawwar Rana’s recovery, as stated by the doctors. Munawwar Rana is a highly regarded Urdu poet in India, known for his profound ghazals, and he has made significant contributions to the literary landscape.

He was honored with the Sahitya Akademi Award for Urdu Literature in 2014, but declined the prestigious award citing the growing atmosphere of intolerance in the country.

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