MP :Traffic police create green corridor to transport organ from Jabalpur to Bhopal

Green lanes are created by the MP traffic police to transport organs between Jabalpur and Bhopal


On Thursday late in the evening, the traffic police of the state of Madhya Pradesh established a green corridor of about 310 kilometers to make it easier for organs to be transported between two hospitals. From Metro Hospital in Jabalpur to Bansal Hospital in the state capital of Bhopal, a green corridor was built. Originally, an airlift of the organ was intended, but due to technical difficulties, this did not happen. As a result, a green corridor was made.

Jabalpur Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP, traffic) Santosh Kumar Shukla said, “As it was earlier decided that the organ would be airlifted from Jabalpur but due to some technical issues, it was decided to take it by road.”
Proper Traffic arrangements would be arranged till the border of Jabalpur by Jabalpur traffic Police and further traffic arrangements would be done by the respective district police, he added.