MP: Medical teachers on strike against govt’s proposal

Medical faculty members from 13 medical schools, including Government Gandhi Medical College, went on strike in opposition to the state government’s plan to transfer management of medical colleges to administrative authorities in Bhopal.

State President of the Medical Teacher Doctors Association, Dr. Sunil Agarwal, said, “The administrative officials do not understand the profession of doctors. So why will the administrative officers take the decisions related to the medical college? If arrangements have to be made, then only a doctor should be appointed.”

The government will be accountable if the patients are in difficulty. Additionally, Dr. Agrawal warned, emergency services will be halted if the plan is approved by the cabinet.

The state government will forward a proposal at today’s cabinet meeting that would give administrative officers control over all aspects of the operations at medical institutions. The doctors opposed the proposal as a result.

The medical educators have also received the backing of the junior doctors. The protesters issued a warning that the emergency services would also be shut down if the proposal was approved by the cabinet.

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