MP Kartikeya Sharma: India making right laws to make life easier

Member of Parliament of Rajya Sabha Kartikeya Sharma on Sunday said that Government of India and its machinery making right laws and moving in right direction which created a corruption free and business friendly environment in the country.
The MP was a part of panel of ABA India Conference. The topic of the conference was MPs Roundtable on Law, Economic Development & Governance.
MP Kartikeya Sharma said the biggest problem is that the people want to do business in India but don’t abide by the laws. He added that the hesitance and reluctance of signing on to Indian Law is an issue and that has perhaps because of the inefficiency plugged in the systems.”
“Ability to implement contracts in India has also been a problem,” Kartikeya Sharma said. “But government has systemically tried to address number of issues through these arbitration centers, proactive approach, rather going to court.”
MP Kartikeya Sharma said  that this is the way of ease of doing business, conducive for growth and that’s what even the people who are putting money and expecting, and India has to live up to that expectation.
He said I think there is a lot of right moves are being made over there, but having said that I think biggest example of making law which effects people at very fundamental level.
Giving an example, he said that in 2016 when “Start up India was initiated, there were only 471 start ups, but today, India has 13 thousands. “This shows that government is making good laws and moving in right direction. This had brought a positive change in environment and reducing the losses.”
“We had more than 100 unicorn last year. Actually the laws has made recently by the government help structuring, raising money and conducive environment to grow. As of today India having poll position in forth in industrial revolution. Talking about the digital transformation, the social transformation, the e-governance models, Kartikeya Sharma said that the inefficiencies that we have seen in the government schemes….out of every rupee that you use, 90 paisa goes waste.
However, this has been changed with the implementation of Direct Benefit Transfer.
“I mean schemes like that have able to reach the last mile and the last person in the last 8 years.

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