Moosewala Murder: Delhi Police Arrest 2 Main Shooters, 1 Facilitator

In a major breakthrough in the murder case of Punjabi singer and Congress leader Sidhu Moosewala, the Special Cell of Delhi Police has informed that three accused, two main shooters and a facilitator, were arrested on Monday. The main accused Priyavrat alias Fauji, who’s a Sonipat Haryana resident, has been arrested. He coordinated and executed the entire operation under instruction and direct contact with Goldy Brar.  A huge cache of arms including three pistols 50 rounds, eight high explosive grenades and grenade launchers, and nine electric detonators were recovered by the police.  According to information, the accused persons include Priyavrat (26) who was the module head and was in direct touch with Canadabased Goldy Brar and led the team at the time of the incident. The second arrested has been identified as Kashish (24) who is also a designated shooter.

Arrested sharpshooters

The third arrested accused Keshav Kumar (29) was a facilitator who received the shooters in a four-wheeler just after the shootout and also accompanied the shooters till Mansa on the day of the incident; during reconnaissance and previous attempts.  A team of Special Cell, led by Inspector Sunil Rajain, Inspector Ravinder Joshi, Inspector Vinay Pal, and Inspector Arvind under the immediate supervision of Lalit Mohan Negi and Hridaya Bhushan, ACP/NDR and under the overall supervision of Pramod Singh Kushwah, DCP/NDR, arrested the main sharpshootersThe Delhi Police Special Cell said that the six shooters have been identified. Six attackers had opened fire on Moosewala. Two modules of shooters who were in contact with Brar were involved in the incident. Manpreet Manu fired first shot at Sidhu Moosewala. The police arrested the accused from Khari-Mithi Road, Village Baroi, Mundra, Kutch, Gujarat on 19 June at 6 am. Recoveries were made from Vill Kirmara, Distt Hissar, Haryana at the instance of accused Priyavrat on 20 June. Eight high explosive grenades along with an under-barrel grenade launcher have been recovered. HE Grenades are designed for use with grenade launchers. The recovered Grenade launcher can be mounted on AK-47 assault rifles. Nine electric detonators, one assault rifle along with 20 rounds, three sophisticated star pistols of .30 bore, 36 rounds of 7.62 MM of star pistols and part of AK Series assault rifle have been recovered.  All the six shooters fired multiple rounds. Kashish was driving the Bolero car, Ankit Sirsa, Deepak, and Priyavrata were also there. Priyavrat is the head of the module of shooters, all four were travelling in a car. Another car was a Corolla, which Jagroop was driving. Manu, who was riding in this Corolla car, opened fire on Moosewala. Manu and Roopa left soon after the incident. Priyavrata also left the spot after the incident.



 • Led the team of shooters and was in direct touch with Goldy Brar at the time of the incident.

 • Main shooter and module head of Bolero module consisting of four shooters.

 • Can be seen in CCTV footage of petrol pump Fatehabad (pre-incident).

• Previously involved in two murder cases; arrested in 2015 in one murder case of Sonipat and wanted in another murder case of Sonipat in 2021. 


 • Shooter and driver of Bolero. 

 • Can be seen in CCTV footage of petrol pump Fatehabad (Pre-incident)

. • Wanted in a murder case of Jhajjar, Haryana in 2021.

Keshav Kumar 

 • Facilitator, conducted multiple recces with actual shooters.

  • Received the shooters in an Alto car just after the shootout.

 • Accompanied the shooters till Mansa on the day of the incident, during reconnaissance and previous attempts.

• Previously arrested in a murder case of Bathinda, Punjab in 2020; suspected to be involved in other cases of extortion in Punjab.

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