Moment of pride for Indians as PM Modi flags temple vandalism in Australia

Addressing a public gathering in Delhi after arriving here from a three-nation visit on Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a very significant statement. Referring to his tough-talk against temple vandalisation incidents in Australia, PM Modi said that the world agrees with him when he says the “attack on pilgrimage sites is not acceptable”. “World is eager to listen to him when he speaks about the culture and tradition of India,” he added. PM Modi’s remarks reaffirm the belief that while working in India or abroad, the Indian Prime Minister remains focused on the core issues that affect every single Indian, no matter which community they belong to. When it comes to addressing the issues that are directly associated with the pride of every Indian, PM Modi never misses any opportunity to raise them. He never compromises on such issues. He makes it a point to raise such issues aggressively, unequivocally and without any hesitation, no matter how powerful the country might be.

That’s exactly what he did in Australia. He flagged the temple vandalism in Australia when he met with his Australian counterpart Anthony Albanese during the last leg of his visit in the country. “PM Anthony Albanese and I have, in the past, discussed the issue of attacks on temples in Australia and activities of separatist elements. We discussed the matter today also,” he said, adding that PM Albanese assured taking ‘strict actions’ against elements that harm ‘friendly and warm ties between India and Australia”. Even as a host of issues were waiting to be discussed during talks with Albanese who also addressed Modi as ‘the Boss’, PM Modi gave priority to the temple vandalism issue in Australia. What is more remarkable is that PM Modi reportedly spent a considerable amount of time discussing this issue, seeking firm assurance of action from his Australian counterpart. What should also be lauded is that PM Modi made it a point to send out a strong message to pro-Khalistan elements in Australia that India won’t tolerate attacks on its temples abroad. His message came amidst a spate of incidents of Hindu temples being attacked by Khalistani radicals in Australia. Another important point worth mentioning here is that PM Modi also sought assurance about the safety of Indians living abroad.

This should not be seen in the context only of Australia, but the PM’s message was for all the foreign governments that they should take care of the safety of every Indian living in different countries. In what will definitely add to pressure on Australia for initiating tough actions in the temple vandalism case, PM Modi in presence of Albanese said that “We will not accept any elements that harm the friendly and warm ties between the India-Australia relationship by their actions and thoughts.” Foreign policy experts see it as a message to Australia that if such elements were not dealt strictly with, then leniency might affect the ties adversely. This way, PM Modi actually boosted the morale and confidence of Indians living in various countries. He tried to rid them of all sorts of worries about their safety abroad. Prime Minister Narendra Modi in fact sought to suggest that it goes to the credit of age-old tradition and culture of our country that foreign countries are standing with us whenever any incident of attack on a temple or pilgrimage site is raised. This impression about India certainly gives every citizen of India and NRIs a sense of pride. Former foreign ministry officials are right in their observations that it goes also to credit of a strong leader like PM Modi whose presence was always recognised by the international community in a positive manner. It goes to credit of his leadership style that the world leaders are lending him a patient hearing on every single issue that concerns the common Indians.

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