Modi will come back because of his ideas: Sudhanshu Trivedi


Expressing his views at Festival of Ideas, Sudhanshu Trivedi, Rajya Sabha MP, said that when we talk about 2014 and before that, let’s take 2013 for example as India had been projected as a weak nation then. When I was in America in 2013, the atmosphere about India was gloomy. That time it was seen that the success story of India is over when everybody was seeing India as an emerging country. But then I said, the success story is not over but is waiting for Modi. And after he came to power, 50 crore people got benefits from welfare schemes. Crores of women got cooking gas in government’s schemes. Now we have grown to a large extent and are further aiming to become the third economy. Meanwhile, it is already the brightest country in terms of infrastructural development. Moreover, before our government came, everywhere we would see terrorist activities happening. Bombs would explode here and there. But that situation is over and peace has prevailed. Now see the Ram Mandir and plus, there is an enormous growth among people in national pride.
Asked where he sees the BJP in 2024 elections, he asserted that Modi will come back as he has the most approval rating in the country when it comes about the strong leader. “There is another reason why he will come back is because of his ideas. When he talked about Jan Dhan Yojana he had marked out that it will benefit 18 to 30 crore people and it happened that too without any corruption. We created a platform through Aadhar cards which enabled us to directly transfer the benefits to the poor. So these are the ideas that have benefitted the people of this country enormously.
Another BJP Rajya Sabha member Syed Zafar Islam, while speaking on Parliament, said how Modi’s government made structural reforms enabling optimum progress and maximum growth. “Now our objectives are to make everything bigger and better from reaching 5 trillion dollars economy and also make it ascend it to be the third largest country in terms of budget in the whole world. So, while we are growing, we will eventually create more jobs in the process. Although Opposition keeps criticising about our policies but whatever Modi has done, it is for the long term growth by reforming the whole system and that has become a bitter truth to swallow.