Modern party etiquettes you need to know

I know we all are well versed with party etiquette and know how to be a gracious guest.However society and lifestyles are changing constantly, the rules of modern party etiquette are upgraded too.
Etiquette is all human social behavior. It is always smart to refresh politeness and respectgiving for harominmous communities with positive changes. Wherever you are, whatever your personality type is. Social is human.
You can and should be happy and successful doing your version of it. Every host invests lots of time, resources and energy in making everything as welcoming as possible.They keep a generous thought to ensure every guest is having fun and good time. This is why it is must that, as a guest, you contribute your best and go with flow to make the party a success and your hosts’ life easier.So, here are a few simple modern party etiquette tips that will make you a desirable addition to any future guest list.

  1. RSVP: As a guest, it’s your responsibility to RSVP promptly and clearly, as soon as you can or latest by 48 hrs. And if your plans change later, it’s courteous to let your host know instead of simply not showing up when they were expecting you.It goes same even if the invitation was casual Once you accept invitation then feel free to ask who all are coming,dress code, activities/ rituals, share your dietary restriction, if you want early exist and any other especial requirements etc. — it’s generally better to overcommunicate than let something go unsaid.
  2. Prepare your dress and look as per dress code and if dress code is not mentioned then as per event, rituals, culture and tradition of your host.
  3. Sun glasses are big no in parties as it eliminates eye contact. Especially do not wear when you are greeting your host, meeting new people and performing rituals.
  4. Gifts: Gifts are token of love. Choose them as per event, your host personality/choice in consideration of your budget. It should not be burdensome for any of you.
  5. Arrive on time: Of course you should try to arrive at a party close to the start time (within 15 minutes is optimal) but whatever you do, do not show up early!
  6. Offer to help the host but do not take over from them. Besides, help can be all sorts of little things, e.g. keeping lonely guests entertained, taking part in any proposed activities and following the host’s instructions on seating arrangements.
  7. Don’t use your phone. At small ,dinner parties/house parties better keep your phone on silent.If you have a situation where you really must be reachable by phone, the polite thing to do is apologize sincerely, briefly explain why you need to take that call or respond to that text, and then excuse yourself from the table while you do so.
  8. When it comes to social media, take your lead from the host, if they are not sharing snaps on Instagram, then neither should you.
  9. Don’t be difficult: Don’t drink too much or wipe out the buffet, don’t start arguing with other guests or with your spouse.
  10. Thank the host: Host should be thanked twice . First while leaving party and again follow up via a message/call. These points are just a set of behaviours that are not only polite but also common sense so once you adopt them they will come naturally.
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