Mithoon: “Gadar 2 Has Become A Festival”


Mithoon’s collaboration with the ‘Gadar 2’ team has produced a musical soundtrack that not only honours the legacy of the first movie but also added a new and modern perspective.

Talking about his excitement about the success of the movie, Mithoon said, “’Gadar 2’ has become a festival many people waited for it. Now, a celebration of ‘Gadar 2’ has spread all over the country. I have seen many highs in my life but, I have seen this kind of madness for the first time.”

“We have learned that the essence of Gita. It also says that change is the rule of life. Things that change continue to be relevant and should continue to evolve. I never did anything artificial, and I only did what I felt like doing at the time,” he continued.

He added, “When I did the music of ‘Gadar 2,’ it looks like I have done the song in ‘Dil jhoom’ in the movie that is shown in the story that it is filmed in Pakistan. We have tried to incorporate the language and environment that is there. There is a herd who is praying in a different way, its essence is in what Sukhwinder Singh has sung for it, so I think every story. Every situation has its own fragrance and according to that, when we act differently.”

About his music, Mithoon said, “I am a human being first and foremost, and humans are very aware of emotion. Our entire being is made up of emotion, and I try to incorporate that into my music. My music always connects with me when I speak the truth and express my innermost sentiments; this strategy has always served me well. My music appeals to people’s emotions because of this.”

He added, “Mainstream bollywood music doesn’t exist for me. Bollywood for me is who I am, and what I want to give to my fraternity. People recognize me, from the two lines of my song that yes, it is a song by Mithun. So I think there is no mainstream.”

Mithoon also told about his upcoming projects. He said, “I am working on Mohit Suri’s next film. Then I have Aditya Dutt’s film called ‘Crack’ and Anil Sharma who has started working on another story I’m going to start working on it.”