Minor boy beats father to death, was incensed over mother’s harassment


Police have nabbed a 17-year-old child for reportedly killing his father with a rolling pin. The accused child allegedly took the drastic step after learning that his father, a member of the Railway Protection Force (RPF), was allegedly assaulting his mother.

According to reports, the man was struck with a rolling pin 20 times before he passed away. The young man informed authorities that his goal was to reprimand his father rather than kill him.

According to the police, the boy was upset that his drunken father had bussed his mother when he got home. On the day of the crime, the deceased arrived home at around 10 p.m. and kicked the boy and his mother. The child then reportedly grabbed the rolling pin and repeatedly struck him.

The murder of the victim was reported to the police on August 22 by Paharganj Northern Railway Hospital. According to Sagar Singh Kalsi, deputy commissioner of police, the hospital informed police that a man was admitted and died from his injuries while receiving treatment.

The deceased’s post-mortem report, which stated that 19 injuries were sustained to the body, was given to the police on August 31. There were broken ribs and several bruises. Due to the blows, the man suffered brain damage and hemorrhagic shock, which led to his death.

Kalsi claimed that after the autopsy report, police filed a murder FIR and began questioning the deceased’s relative.