Migrants must be treated with respect in every state

There has been widespread panic in some of the States after reports, evidently fake news, started doing the rounds that migrants working in Tamil Nadu were being targeted by those opposed to Hindi. This is a serious matter and authorities need to crack down on the rumour mongers who should be strictly dealt with for creating discord in the community and pursuing divisive politics on the basis of language and region. Fortunately, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, M.K.Stalin has stepped in to re-assure the states from where migrant labour hails that no harm would ever come to them and measures to protect them have already been initiated. This fake news originated when there was no such matter reported but old videos suddenly resurfaced creating insecurity amongst the people who leave their homes to work elsewhere. It should be understood by all that India is one country and any person belonging to any region has every right to work or settle in any other part without any kind of fear. Politicians have always tried to cash in on regional sentiments in order to promote their own agenda but this cannot be allowed. Tamil Nadu has a large number of migrant workers from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Bengal and Chattisgarh besides other places. These people are mostly engaged in construction activity or are associated with some industry or the other. They are merely making their living and do not pose any kind of threat to anyone. They have neither made any attempt to impose Hindi, the language, many of them speak but unfortunately, they have been caught in what is being sought to be made a language row. One fails to understand how pitting people who speak one language against those who speak another is ever going to help the Nation. Yes, the Southern States in particular are proud of their language, heritage and culture and rightly so. However, time to time, politicians, many of them who belong to the ruling dispensation at the Centre keep on highlighting the need to impose Hindi in these states thus leading to unnecessary confrontation. Tamil for instance is amongst the oldest languages of the world and Hindi has its own salient features. There is no conflict and so why should any attempt be made to divide our own people over the language issue. India is a vast and huge country and we must learn to celebrate its diversity rather than score brownie point over which language and culture is superior. The migrants who hail from various states have to find work to earn a living since their own states have not been able to sufficiently take care of their needs. They are not at fault on any count and it is their right to go and work in any part without being intimidated. In metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi, the migrants provide a very formidable work force. Their contribution is enormous and though they may have transformed the demographics of various constituencies, they represent the evolution of these cities. In Mumbai, Shiv Sainiks or those who think like them have often hit out at the migrants from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar but the reality of that they have a considerable hold and influence in this region. Sanjay Nirupam, Kirpa Shankar Singh are amongst those from the North who have been elected to the assembly and Parliament from India’s financial capital. In Delhi, Lal Behari Tewari and before him P.N.Singh were elected to the Assembly and Metropolitan Council. At present Manoj Tewari is a Lok Sabha MP with considerable clout. The short point is that rumour mongers who try to incite local feelings against their own countrymen from other parts are enemies of the Nation. This country belongs to all of us regardless of what language or background we come from.

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