Migrant workers caught travelling in container

Around 40 migrant workers were caught travelling in a container in Gaya district of Bihar. They travelled all the way from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, in an effort to reach their native state as the ongoing lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic has rendered all of them jobless.

With many even walking hundreds of kilometres to reach their respective states, multiple instances of workers starving have surfaced. In this case, these workers also claim to have been reduced to a state of semi starvation without any work or place to stay. The container driver managed to cross multiple check points and borders to enter Bihar, but was stopped in Gaya due to locals raising an alarm over its movement.

He said, “I took pity on them as they decided to walk such a distance, but I never knew I’ll get in trouble for helping them out. Where many workers managed to flee before the police could arrive on-scene, the driver and his helper along with four workers were held.

Recently, there have been multiple attempts by those stranded outside the state to reach Bihar though any means. People have been arrested from concrete mixtures, milk vans and even those who have cycled hundreds of kilometers. Now the police are trying to locate those who escaped from the container. These labourers were headed to Patna.

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