Meet US man who quit his job to live in a treehouse in Hawaiian jungle

There are times in our fast-paced modern life when we long for a break, a chance to reconnect with nature. While holidays and short getaways provide momentary relief, sustaining a connection with nature in the midst of daily everyday presents its own set of obstacles.

However, one man from Northern California made a stunning lifestyle change motivated by a strong desire to protect nature. According to The Metro, Robert Breton, 35, worked as a grocery clerk in Northern California. However, in order to “preserve nature as a whole,” he began living remotely in 2011.

Breton drove his van across the United States before settling in Hawaii. He even purchased the land using money earned through TikTok. He spent two years building his 200-square-foot treehouse.

“I live in the tree house, which has a bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom.” I gather rainwater from the roof to drink, and it flows into the kitchen and bathroom. “I also have solar panels for electricity, which I use for my kitchen and wi-fi to make TikToks – I don’t miss anything from my previous life,” Breton told The Metro.

Breton also frequently posts videos and photos of himself from his treehouse.

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