Meet the 9th Nizam of Hyderabad

Prince Mir Mohammed Azmat Ali Khan Azmet Jah, the eldest son of the titular eighth Nizam of Hyderabad, Prince Mukarram Jah, has been appointed as the ninth Nizam of the House of Asaf Jahi Dynasty on 20 January, as per the desire and decree of the last Nizam at the Chowmohalla Palace in Hyderabad. “On Friday, the 20th day of January, in terms of the desire and the decree made by Nawab Mir Barkat Ali Khan Walashan Mukaram Jah Bahadur H.E.H., the VIII Nizam of Hyderabad, during his lifetime, anointing his eldest son Mir Mohammed Azmat Ali Khan Azmat Jah as his successor in title and to accede to his father as the IXth head of the Asaf Jahi dynasty for all symbolic, ceremonial, and ancillary purposes. The ceremony was a simple one in the presence of the family members of Mukarram Jah,” it said. Although the title of the Nizam is not recognised by the government since its abolishment in 1971, the House of Asif Jah continues its tradition that began nearly seven generations ago. Azmet Jah’s father passed away in Istanbul.

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