‘Measures of Lucidity’ attempts to deconstruct the complexities that plague our existence


As a society, are we heading towards a tangled reality? Are we forgetting the plain and the simple that make up our life. ‘Measures of Lucidity’ is a group show which attempts to deconstruct the complexities that plague our existence. The show is curated by Jitha Karthikeyan and will be held till 15 February at Golf Course Road, Gurugram.  

The works in the show urge you to rethink this chaos and seek pellucidity. It includes paintings, drawings and video installations. The show features the works of some of the finest contemporary artists in our country like Arpita Singh, George Martin P J, K M Madhusudhanan, Muktinath Mondal, Parvathi Nayar, T V Santhosh and Zakkir Hussain. In a world that constantly embraces grander things, the simple and the uncomplicated are sometimes hidden away in plain sight and often, negated. As a society, are we heading towards a tangled reality – one that revels in constructing layered complexities until the discernible is completely masked and dons the garb of the impenetrability of understanding. Chaos is then the consequence of such convolutions. Moving towards an uncertain future, it is time to rethink, deconstruct and seek pellucidity, lest we lose what really matters in the cacophony of it all. Life and survival lies in the core of the little details we have missed or have chosen to ignore, if only we could navigate through the complex social, political or economic layers to grasp them in our vision. 

In a candid conversation artist Muktinath Mondal says, “Being an artist I depict the unheard stories of the grassroot culture which is being nurtured since ages but eventually is the verge of extinction in this complex modern society of globalisation. I weave my narratives with hues of color, rubbed brush strokes, local elements, folk songs and many rituals. I feel the urge to keep singing the unheard songs through my works.”