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If there is something good which has come out of the pandemic, it’s the way humans have started to care about their health. From eating healthy and strengthening their immunity system to taking care of their workout regime, people have started giving more importance to fitness now.

Tech plays a vital role in this process, and smart wearables are one such category of products which makes healthy living a lot easier. From monitoring your workouts, step count and blood oxygen levels, these smart devices help you keep a check on all aspects of your health.

The Apple Watch was one of the first smartwatches to enter this arena. Over the years, we have seen many additions to the watch which have kept in mind the changing times—like the 20-second hand wash alert which has been a great add-on for the pandemic.

We have always liked the activity ring aspect in an Apple Watch because that pushes the person to work harder for their goals. You are constantly reminded to stand, walk more, and achieve the targets you have set for yourself. Above all, you have the option to compete with your friends which makes the process a lot more interesting. In the end, when the watch your goals achieved, it gives you a feeling of immense satisfaction.

Such options are usually hidden in the Health app and need to be discovered. One of my recent favorites has been the V02 max which has some great ways of checking how fit you actually are and giving you the ultimate aerobic fitness test.

Being at home for the past one year has meant that many like me have skipped heavy weight workouts and moved towards low endurance sports. The V02 max works well within such parameters. It is a measurement of the amount of oxygen from the air you breathe into your lungs, which is then transported by your bloodstream to your muscles, where it is converted into energy during a workout.

Why is V02 max important? If you have been training for a long time but do not have good endurance levels, V02 max is going to help you a lot. It helps measure your progress as an increase in V02 max indicates an improvement in your aerobic fitness. Improved workout endurance like the ability to run for longer periods without breaks can be measured in V02 max, helping you keep track of your improvement. During the last year, many of us have taken to running and walking outdoors and that’s where V02 max really comes into play. We need to remember that these are the two types of workouts which also help estimate V02 max on the Apple Watch.

How does one check their V02 max? For that, you need to use the Health app on your iPhone. Go to Health Data, then Activity, and scroll down. Once you have your data, you can compare things and keep an account of your wellness and health.

Personally, V02 max has helped me in the last few months. For someone who was majorly into weight training, switching to outdoor runs was hard and maintaining consistency wasn’t easy. However, having a constant measuring scale has been helpful in such a case as it only made me push myself for a healthier tomorrow.

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Xiaomi’s new flagship, the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, has finally been unveiled, and it brings a hugely improved camera with the help of Leica and the latest Snapdragon powerhouse.

According to GSM Arena, the phone’s auxiliary camera parameters are similar to the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, with a pair of half-inch sensors for the focusing ultrawide and periscope zoom cameras. However, the main camera is new and easily lays claim to being the most impressive smartphone camera in the world.

The 50.3MP, 23mm wide-angle camera pioneers Sony’s flagship 1-inch IMX989 sensor. This is the largest imager on any smartphone and it delivers the largest individual pixels at 3.2um in its 4-in-1 binned 12.5MP mode.

Leica has brought its imaging expertise to the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, both in terms of the optics design and the imaging software. The lens in front of the 1-inch sensor is an 8-element lens, addressing issues like flare, chromatic aberration, and ghosting.

Additionally, there’s lens edge ink coating, as well as cyclic olefin copolymer material and an infrared light filter with spin coating technology. Leica has adorned the whole rear camera module with its iconic Summicron label.

Software-wise, there are two photographic styles; ‘Leica Authentic Look’ and ‘Leica Vibrant Look’. The authentic look aims for a natural image, focusing on light and shadow contrast to add depth to photos, reported GSM Arena. The vibrant look leverages Xiaomi’s computational photography smarts with Leica’s aesthetic. Additionally, there are Leica filters—Leica Vivid, Leica Natural, Leica BW Natural, and Leica BW High Contrast.

The other two cameras on the back of the Xiaomi 12S Ultra carry over the trusty 48MP Sony IMX586 1/2.0-inch sensor, used in the Mi 11 Ultra.

Furthermore, similar to the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, the 12S Ultra brings stereo speakers tuned by Harman Kardon, with support for Dolby Atmos. The software at the helm is MIUI 13 over Android 12.

The Xiaomi 12S Ultra weighs 225g and is water and dust resistant to IP68 standards. It comes in Classic Black and Verdant Green with a leather-like rear finish.

Xiaomi has confirmed that it’s not going to be available outside China, where the phone costs CNY 5,999 for the 8/256GB, CNY 6,499 for the 12/256GB, and CNY 6,999 for the 12/512GB, as per GSM Arena.

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One of India’s most popular SUVs, the Maruti Suzuki Brezza, has got a major upgrade. Yes, you read that name right. In its new generation, the car is not called the Vitara Brezza anymore, it’s just the Brezza. Maruti Suzuki has really upped the game with the new Brezza as it gets many more features than before, which has made the car more premium. It also gets a new heart along with a new automatic gearbox, and according to the company, the drive quotient has gone up on the SUV.

The Maruti Suzuki Brezza.The interior of the car.


The new Brezza looks very different from its predecessor. The raised front hood and skid plates add to the sporty stance, while the car gets all-new dual-LED projector headlamps with crystal block DRLs and new rear signature LED tail lamps that look more appealing than before. A gunmetal-finish front grille with a dash of chrome also adds its bit to enhance the look of the face. The alloy wheel design is also new, while the cladding now occupies more space on the profile and wheel arches, something that adds to the muscular feel. The brand is offering 3 dual-tone and 6 mono-tone colour options on the car.


The new Brezza gets dual-tone black and new rich brown interiors with a honeycomb pattern for a sporty and urban feel. For the first time, the SUV gets an electric sunroof, something that a lot of customers have always wanted. The 9-inch SmartPlay Pro+ infotainment system is like the one seen on the new Baleno and comes with a voice assist feature and a 360-degree camera. You also get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Connectivity, but it isn’t wireless. Apart from this, the car also gets an ARKAMYS sound system as well as a wireless charger, again something not seen on the SUV earlier. Then there’s another first, the Head-Up Display, which offers information like speed, RPM, and fuel economy.

The new Brezza also gets an in-built Suzuki Connect telematics solution, with 40+ connected features. The in-built telematics solution offers remote functionalities like AC operation, vehicle safety & security, location and trips, vehicle status & alerts, and other functionalities. Users can access these features through the new Suzuki Connect App on their smartphone, smartwatch, and Alexa skill. Other features in the car include a coloured multi-information display screen, auto headlamps with follow me home and lead me to vehicle function, rear AC vents, a cooled glovebox, rear fast-charging USB ports (A & C type), and a leather-wrapped flat bottom tilt and telescopic steering wheel with controls.


The new Brezza runs on the Next-Gen K-series 1.5L Dual Jet, Dual VVT Petrol engine with a Smart Hybrid System that comes with a dual battery setup, including a Lithium-Ion Battery. It gets a 5-speed manual gearbox option and a brand new 6-speed automatic, which replaces the earlier 4-speed auto on the car. It also gets paddle shifts for a more engaging drive. Maruti says the smart hybrid system enhances driving performance, increases fuel efficiency and reduces emissions. The company is promising approximately 20 kmpl on all variants of the SUV.


The new Brezza is built on Suzuki’s signature TECT platform and uses high tensile steel, which, according to Maruti, offers more torsional rigidity and improved handling that leads to enhanced overall vehicle safety. The car also gets as many as 6 airbags, which include front, side, and curtain bags. Electronic Stability Program (ESP) with Hill Hold Assist as standard across all variants. In addition to this, the SUV gets more than 20 safety features like reverse parking sensors, a high-speed alert system, and an ISOFIX child seat restraint system.


With all the positive changes, the Brezza has also become more expensive than earlier. Prices for the manual trims start at Rs. 7.99 lakh and go up to Rs. 12.46 lakh, ex-showroom, while the automatics range between Rs. 10.96 lakh and 13.96 lakh. The car can also be owned through Maruti Suzuki Subscribe at an all-inclusive monthly subscription fee starting from Rs. 18,300. This fee covers the cost of complete registration, service and maintenance, insurance, and roadside assistance. Two specially curated accessory themes called “Terrascape” and “Metroscape” are also being offered with the car, which helps in giving it a more exclusive look. The former comes with elements like front and rear bumper garnish, side cladding, rear upper spoiler extender, rear mid-garnish and others. The “Metroscape” gets front and rear bumper garnish, body side moulding, fog lamp garnish, window frame kit, and wheel arch garnish.

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The 06 best internet providers for gaming in 2022



Everyone knows that lag is the worst aspect of gaming. As a result, choosing an internet provider with the quickest download speeds and the lowest latency in your location is critical. Despite the fact that there are various internet service providers, locating the finest internet in your area might be difficult.

Gaming technology is evolving, and the consoles, as well as the broadband connections that we use, must adapt to keep up. Gone are the days when a gaming connection of up to 10 Mbps was deemed ideal. Now is the era of lightning-fast speed and low latency.

Keeping these points in mind, many prominent internet service providers have started improving their internet speeds. One such example is Spectrum, which provides even the most basic plan with an internet speed of up to 200 Mbps and if you are fond of gaming, Spectrum Deals make it easy for you by providing efficient internet service for a faster, secure, and more dependable web experience.

Some providers will not be available in your area, and those that are will have different offerings. Here is a glance at our top selections for the best gaming internet providers in 2022.

  1. Spectrum

Charter Spectrum is one of the country’s largest broadband providers. It provides high-speed internet, cable, and landline phone services in more than 42 states.

Although the costs are a little more than most of its competitors, the lack of commitments, 30-day money-back guarantee, unlimited bandwidth, and no monthly modem rental more than makeup for it. You can receive download speeds of up to 940 Mbps, but most of us do not need that much speed. Plans with speeds of 100, 200, and 400 Mbps are available.

  1. Xfinity

Xfinity is another great non-fiber alternative that excels in key areas. You attain speeds and performance, and it is smooth sailing no matter what game you are playing. There are several download speeds available from Xfinity. Because not all gamer homes are created equal, a tag term duo will need up to 100 Mbps; and three to four Battle Royal teens will need up to 25 Mbps.

  1. Cox

Cox Communications is one of the country’s largest carriers, with operations in 18 states. It is well known for its cable and high-speed internet services. Cox connects your home to the internet and television via a coaxial cable network. The packages are meant to fulfill the needs of households with basic consumption such as routine surfing, as well as those with heavy streaming, downloading, and gaming.

For high-end consumption, Cox high-speed internet plans provide speeds of up to 150 Mbps, 300 Mbps, and even 1 Gbps. To be honest, all of the packages have a 1TB usage restriction, which is close to unlimited.

If there are several users, these download rates are more than adequate for gaming. Unlike the other providers, Cox gives its consumers an additional benefit. The Cox Elite Gamer Plan is designed to make the most of your gaming time. Customers with Cox Preferred 100 or higher-tier plans can get it as an add-on. At this point, you might be thinking about what its function is.

The general mindset is that this addition will boost your download rates. This is essentially not the case. It will reroute the traffic from your PC to a gaming server utilizing an intelligent server. This rerouting will take the shortest route possible, for example, while using Google maps to find a specific address, it will show you the quickest route to your desired location.

That is exactly how it works. As a result, you receive lower latency, which is great for first-person shooting games that require a speedy server response.

  1. AT&T Fiber

Despite being unviable in the majority of states, a fiber connection is the Holy Grail for some games. We cannot recommend fiber internet enough, especially if you plan on streaming your gameplay on Twitch. For live streaming and gaming, AT&T fiber provides smooth, symmetrical, and quicker download as well as upload rates.

  1. RCN

Although RCN’s coverage region is limited, its pricing is among the most competitive internet providers. Its fiber network is gradually expanding, but service is currently limited to major metropolitan areas.

Whatever high-bandwidth activity you select, RCN’s fiber-rich internet offers Gig-speed internet. When compared to cable, this means faster internet speeds, substantially reduced bandwidth, and more stable gameplay.

  1. Verizon

Verizon puts its entire focus on customer service, as it believes that customers make or break a business. Apart from being the very best in handling customer complaints, Verizon also makes it to the top of the list when it comes to fiber-optic technology. Moreover, they also give you the option of customizing your plan as soon as you pair it up with a TV.

Verizon’s secret recipe includes the Fios Gigabit Connection, which essentially is the swift, fiber optic internet that reduces lag as well as buffering. Fiber-optic networks transfer data by emitting light through hair-thin strands of optically clean glass, as opposed to cable internet, which transmits data via metallic lines as well as connectors that are more susceptible to corrosion from harsh conditions. For gamers, this means more consistent, faster gaming with less lag and latency.

Final words

Whatever service provider you choose, always connect to the internet with an Ethernet cable when playing online games to ensure a more stable, faster, and dependable connection with lower ping.

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Tips to buy an inverter battery



As you know has approached already and it is quite hot this summer and power cuts have also become very frequent. All of these things, make it necessary to have an inverter at home. You can not deny the fact that inverter is one such product whose demand increases the most in the summer. Do you have an inverter at home? It is good if you have. Otherwise, you should not make any delays in buying a new one. Also, if your existing inverter is very old then you need to get it replaced. But the question is whether buying an inverter is as easy as other shopping? If you are also doubtful about this then you need to know that buying an inverter is not an easy task. You have to be quite careful about many things such as brand, quality, capacity, etc. An inverter is not such an item that you buy very frequently, you may buy it once in 3 years or five years, or even more. But acting carelessly while buying an inverter may cause you to spend your money on it more frequently. However, even if you are buying only an inverter battery for home, you need to take care of these things. If you are willing to know about such points that you should be taking care of then you need to have look at the points given below:

  • You need to know your power requirements: When you are planning to buy an inverter there are a lot of things that you should be taking care of but one of the major things is what are your power requirements. It is not like you need to have an exact calculation of your requirements but you need to have an estimate of it. Many of you will be thinking of the inverter and generator as the same items. But both of these pieces of equipment are different. The generator can take any load of power. But the inverter can not do it. There are limitations on the load that an inverter can take. Therefore, it becomes essential to consider your power requirements. Otherwise, an inverter battery may not benefit you as much as it should. If you are thinking that an inverter battery will take a load of your entire home then you are wrong. Even if you will buy a heavy inverter battery, no doubt it will take a load of your fridge, AC, and other major items of your house. But the question is for how long your home appliances will be kept running on an inverter. Therefore, if your power requirements are average then you can go for an inverter. However, if your needs are high, you are left with the only option of a generator.
  • You also need to consider the starting power and the running power: Another important thing that you need to consider while buying an inverter battery is the starting power and the running power of the appliances that you will be running on your inverter. Before you consider this point, you also need to know that starting power and the running power of all the appliances are different. On this basis, you need to consider the starting power and running power. For example, if you want to run a CFL bulb that is 18 watts then it would need 25 watts approx. To start and once it is starred in will be stabilized at 18 watts only. But the bulb is a small appliance, there are big appliances as well that will be requiring more power to start, it could be double also. Such as a fridge, a washing machine, an air conditioner, etc. Therefore, before you finalize the inverter battery, you need to consider this point very carefully. If you do not know to make an estimation of power requirement, you can take help from an expert also.
  • Whether you need an inverter or a home UPS: Another important point that you need to consider before you put your money is whether you should go for an inverter or a home UPS. Many of you would be having a question in mind what is the difference between an inverter and a UPS. Let us tell you all that there is not any major difference between these two. Both performthe same work. Both are used to provide backup power in the case of a power cut. But a home UPS, as the name suggests, provides an uninterrupted power supply. There won’t even be a single blink while switching from the main power to backup power. Home UPS can also be called a combination of an inverter and a UPS.
  • The capacity of the battery: There are a lot of important points that you will be required to consider, among all such points, considering the capacity of the battery is another one. The term ampere-hour is used to define the capacity of a battery. This term will be helping us to know the power that a battery will be supplying in a given period. Let’s say the power of the battery that you have selected is 200 AH. It will be implicit that such a battery can supply 200-ampere current in an hour.
  • Maintenance-free battery: If you are going to choose a lead-acid battery then will be required to take regular care of the battery that you will have bought. The electrolyte level of these batteries is to be topped up to the highest level. Furthermore, these batteries are to be kept in a place that will be having proper ventilation because these batteries emit harmful and poisonous gasses. If there will be no ventilation then it will be having a direct impact on your health. But you do not need to worry because there are also maintenance-free batteries available that you can buy.

These are the major points that you will be required to take care of while buying an inverter or an inverter battery. However, you can also consult Loom Solar, which is one of the best inverter battery suppliers. You can compare the inverter battery price and buy the best one for you.

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9 High Paying Careers To Choose After Learning Python



Python has recently become one of the world’s most widely-used programming languages. Python programming language that is commonly used to create websites and applications, automate operations, and perform data analysis. Python is widely used to develop a wide range of applications and is not specialized or customized for any particular problem. Moreover, because of its versatility and beginner-friendliness, it has become one of the most popular programming languages today. It is highly suitable for both developers and non-developers alike.

Python is widely used for both web and software development, task automation, analysis of data, and data visualization. Python has been used by many non-programmers, like accountants and scientists, for a wide range of common tasks, such as arranging finances, due to its relative ease of learning.

Python certification will teach you how to utilize the most widely used high-level, general-purpose multiple objective languages in the world. In the Python course, you’ll learn both basic and advanced Python concepts, including Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Hadoop streaming, and MapReduce, and also how to use packages like Scikit and SciPy.

9 High Paying Career Options after taking Python Course

Python is a simple and easy programming language. Python’s easy-to-understand syntax and compilation feature decreased development time in half. It also includes a number of libraries for data analysis, visualization, and manipulation. As a result, it has become the most popular language, as well as the “Next Big Thing” and a “Must” for professionals. Today, we will talk about the numerous Python job options available to Python programmers with the high pay in the industries.

After completing the Python certification course, you will have a wide range of work opportunities. Few of them are1. Python developer2. Data analyst3. Product manager4. Machine learning engineer5. Research Analyst6. Data Scientist7. Software Developer8. Full-stack developer9. Python Application Engineer10. Financial advisor11. Quality assurance engineer12. GIS Analyst

1. Python developer: A Python Developer is a part of a software development team who uses the Python programming language to create, design, and deploy computer applications and systems. Debugging in Python development projects is also the responsibility of a python developer.

A Python developer usually works on the back-end (server-side) of an application. With the advent of machine learning and data science, however, python developers are now tasked with more than just writing code and debugging bugs; they are also tasked with connecting apps to third-party web services and assisting the front-end development team in bringing their features to life for the user interface.

2. Data analyst: A data analyst collects and organizes data on sales, market research, logistics, linguistics, and other activities. They bring technical expertise to ensure high-quality and accurate data, then analyze, develop, and present it in ways that help people, businesses, and enterprises to make better decisions.

3. Product manager: A product manager finds the consumer demand and larger company objectives that a product or feature will meet, articulates what success looks like for a product, and rallies a team to make that vision a reality.

4. Machine learning engineer: Self-running AI software is developed by machine learning engineers to automate predictive models for recommended searches, virtual assistants, translation applications, chatbots, and self-driving cars. They design machine learning systems, apply algorithms to make accurate predictions, and fix data set problems.

5. Research Analyst: A research analyst conducts research, gathers and analyses data, and uses the information to solve problems and improve a company’s decision-making and efficiency. The data is analyzed by the research analyst, who then makes recommendations to the leadership team.

6. Data Scientist: To build hypotheses, make inferences, and analyze consumer and market trends, a data scientist needs a lot of data. Data collection and analysis and the use of various analytics and reporting tools to identify patterns, trends, and connections in data sets, are all basic responsibilities.

7. Software Developer: A software developer’s job includes identifying, building, installing, and testing a software system that they have created from the bottom up for a corporation. It might range from developing internal programs that assist firms in becoming more productive to developing solutions that can be marketed commercially.

8. Full-stack developer: Designers and developers of websites and platforms are known as Full Stack Developers. They collaborate with design teams to make sure user interactions on web pages are simple and enjoyable. They also offer back-end functionality that works flawlessly on every device or browser type currently in use.

9. Python Application Engineer: Customers are analyzed by applications engineers in order to design applications that respond to their needs and provide novel solutions to prevalent problems. To verify that the products are satisfactory, they do prototyping applications and code reviews.

Some more career options

Here are 3 more amazing career options that you can follow after getting  Python certification

1. Financial advisor: A financial advisor is a person who helps clients to decide how, where, and when to invest their money. They could provide advice on how to create a well financial plan or specific assets that fit into a larger financial strategy.

2. Quality assurance engineer: A quality assurance engineer supervises every stage of software development, including design, development, testing, debugging, and delivery. They ensure that the software fulfills quality standards at each stage and that the final product meets the specifications. Tests are also written by a QA engineer to guarantee that the product is free of technical problems. They analyze data, identify bugs, and document results in an office or a lab setting in front of a system.

3. GIS Analyst: Mapmaking, geographical analysis, or software creation are some of the specialties of a GIS Analyst. The primary responsibilities involve analyzing spatial data and creating digital maps using mapping software. This data is gathered by GIS analysts in order to make judgments regarding how land is used.

After learning Python, you have a wide range of career opportunities. Even though we just highlighted a few options, there are several other paths you can take.

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Apple is prepared to introduce several new gadgets between this fall and the start of 2023, according to a report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

According to The Verge, four iPhone 14 models, a group of new iPads, three Apple Watch models, multiple M2 and M3-updated Macs, updated AirPods Pro earbuds, a new HomePod, and an enhanced Apple TV are among the things Gurman refers to as a “deluge” of. Gurman anticipates finding the chip and its versions in several different devices, although Apple only revealed two new Macs using its flagship M2 CPU at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) earlier this month. An M2 Mac mini, M2 Mac mini Pro, M2 Pro / M2 Max 14, and 16-inch MacBook Pros, as well as an M2 Ultra / M2 Extreme Mac Pro, are all included.

There’s the long-rumored mixed reality headgear from Apple, which is anticipated to include an M2 processor. If all of this wasn’t overwhelming enough, Gurman claims that Apple’s M3 chip is already under development and will probably be used in the 13- and 15-inch MacBook Air notebooks that will be available in 2019.

Apple will release the iPhone 14 this autumn, and Gurman’s research provides a summary of all the speculations that have been circulating for the previous year or so. One is that, according to reports, the new and more potent A16 chip and support for always-on displays will only be available for the Pro and Pro Max variants.

A 48-megapixel camera sensor, a new notch with a “pill-shaped cutout” for Face ID, and a hole-punch-style selfie camera are also expected to be included in the iPhone 14 Pro models. The 6.7-inch variant will replace the Mini model, according to Gurman, while the normal iPhone 14 will contain the A15 CPU found in the iPhone 13.

According to Gurman’s source, Apple will introduce 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models using M2 technology later this year, as well as a larger iPad between 14 and 15 inches in the “next year or two.” Additionally, Gurman supports a previous rumour from 9to5Mac that claims a new entry-level iPad will feature an A14 CPU, 5G, and USB-C connectivity, as reported by The Verge. The basic Watch Series 8, a redesigned SE, and a more “rugged” watch aimed at users who participate in “extreme sports” are the other three new Apple Watch models that are anticipated for sale this fall.

Gurman points out that although the S8 chip found in the forthcoming Watch Series 8 will provide performance comparable to that of the S7 and S6 chips, the Watch that will be released the following year is expected to have an updated processor. Gurman predicts that Apple will drop the Series 3 this fall in favour of the new SE, which might include the S8 CPU, an upgrade from the S5 chip found in the SE model from 2020.

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