McDonald’s staff gifts laptop to manager, Internet is all hearts

Christmas is a joyful and giftgiving day. Everyone tries to find methods to make others feel special, from family and friends to coworkers. This year, employees at a McDonald’s franchise in the United Kingdom likewise made the decision to give their manager a special thank-you for all of his efforts and commitment to the team. A video of the manager’s joyful response to receiving a Chromebook laptop from his workers was posted on Twitter. According to the caption of the post, “This McDonald’s manager was left stunned on Christmas after his colleagues gave him a Chromebook Laptop to reward him for his hard work and dedication to the team.”

The manager is seen in the video opening his present and enquiring of his crew, “What is it?” He can then be seen ripping the gift wrapper even more after discovering that his team gave him a laptop a little while later. The manager is heard remarking, “You guys are not serious,” before expressing gratitude for everyone’s thoughtful gifts. “That’s brilliant and such a show of support and loyalty from his team,” wrote one user. “He must do a lot that didn’t go unnoticed, nice one from the staff,” said another. A third user commented, “Well done to his team. Good managers are far and few between,” while a fourth added, “That’s fantastic! Your staff really love working for you and respect you.

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