MCD House adjourned for third time without electing Delhi mayor

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi House once again experienced a ruckus on Monday, and the house was adjourned until further notice. Therefore, the elections for mayor and deputy mayor could not take place today.

The House witnessed a noisy scene today when BJP councillor and presiding officer Satya Sharma declared that the nominated members will also get a chance to vote in the elections for mayor, deputy mayor, and Standing Committee members.

The councillors of MCD assembled after some delay around 11:30 am. Soon after Sharma declared that the elections for the three posts, such as mayor, deputy mayor, and Standing Committee members, would take place simultaneously.

The presiding officer went on to say that permission will be given to the alderman and nominated members to vote for the mayor, deputy mayor, and Standing Committee members. Sharma’s announcement sparked outrage among AAP councillors, who began protest in the house.

Earlier, AAP councillors had demanded not to allow aldermen to vote in today’s elections. After that, the House was declared adjourned.

The MCD election was held on December 4, results were declared on December 7, and the AAP unseated the BJP and came into power. This was the third session of the House, the first two sessions were held on January 6 and January 24, respectively. Both the sessions were adjourned by the presiding officer without electing Delhi’s mayor following the heated arguments between the AAP and BJP members.

The elections for mayor and deputy mayor should be held in the first session, as per the MCD Act, 1957. Despite the passage of two months and three sessions, Delhi is without a mayor.

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