Mastung: Three members of family killed in accident 

On Friday, three members of a family were murdered in an accident between a pick-up vehicle and a passenger bus on Pakistan’s Quetta-Karachi highway in Mastung, according to Pakistan-based Dawn.

According to authorities, a passenger bus bound for Quetta collided with a pick-up vehicle in the Pashkaram district of Pakistan’s Balochistan’s Mastung region, according to Dawn.

Police said, “All the three people travelling in the pick-up van received fatal injuries and died on the spot.”

Ahmed Shahwani, Nisar Ahmed Shahwani, and Salal Ahmed Shahwani were recognized as the victims. The three victims were all from the Mastung area.

According to the Dawn report, the coach toppled after the incident and all of the passengers and driver survived. Police later arrived at the scene and transported the dead to Nawab Ghous Bakhsh Raisani Memorial Hospital.

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